My life!!

When you think about life always get many surprises and experience…

Here I want to share my beautiful lines on “my life” I hope you all like it 🌝

Winds blows, fire as heat throws

My heart stuck and the water flows

Heat is the fever and it’s shows

Something went wrong, oh!My life

It is the destiny, out my fate

I am a person, not to hate.

Handel me gently, hug me tight

Can it be better, oh! My life.

Everyone wants happiness, destiny can’t decides

Smile and fear come together as words in my Fights

Wish me luck and prove me wrong

Fun and smile in my song, oh!is it mylife..

Asking this myself this question again and again

Why not smile and happiness, only pain growth and harmony, also in disdain

Want a little hope, oh! My life..

In hope of shining like a star

I know myself, success is not too far

I am brave enough, like a soldier in war.

Oh! My life, don’t be bizarre.

To talk the bull by the horns

Whatever the pros and cons

Promising the moon, will make my life adorn

No more darkness, only morn..

Oh!mylife, thank God I born..✌😊

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