What is my lemonade missing!

The rush of ecstasy that flows through you when you pack your bag for a vacation, the ineffable rhapsody when the tender fur of a little puppy nuzzles on your face, the zing you experience when the maître d sets the cutlery straight to accommodate your food, the elation you feel when you look across the room and catch her smiling at you! The little big things :)

The obligation to gallop at top flight to go for the professed “big things” in life has been crushing our lives like a lemon, owing to a sour, distasteful decoction. The sugar and the spice of life, that lies in the little things that make you go from grim to glee is the secret recipe for our lives to be the piquant lemonade we all dream of tasting. Yes! So that’s what my lemonade’s missing.

The barricades of stereotypes and the design on which our society has been constructed upon, has always been ready to offer a myriad of accolades to one who can swim, but can never accept one’s attempt to walk on water. In a world that lauds the sheep and mocks the wolf, the tenacity we show in putting a smile on people’s faces is something to think about.

Steering motors at breakneck speeds across busy roads, tapping our feet restlessly in an elevator hoping that it would make it move any faster, and chugging down square meals so that we have energy to run faster to a destination we haven’t decided upon has become something widely appreciated by the society. The very fact that most of us have to think for a considerable amount of time before offering an answer to the question “When was the last time you did something you love?” speaks volumes about our heedlessness towards appreciating the little things that make us happy. The lies we tell ourselves everyday about the “happy lives” we lead is an illustration of how entrenched the ideas within us are.

Let’s wipe the fog on our window and feel the sun, let’s dance in the rain and wash away the masks they’ve painted on us, let’s melt those chains around our ankles and wear them like crowns! We were born to live, not survive.