Fighting Hunger through Waste Food Management

Image Courtesy: EcoWatch

Hunger is a big problem worldwide and in a country like India where there are 1.3 Billion People, it should be concerning. This is something which i have worked with a Product Peer, Yashasvi Modi.

Our Global Vision for this Problem is to -


We dig a little deeper into the problem to find out the how big is this problem really is. Here’s what we were able to find out -

  • 40 percent of the food produced in India is either lost or wasted
  • 200 Million Indians are hungry daily

2.5 Billion INR of food gets wasted daily (This can be a Trillion Dollar Industry)

If that food would have sold to the needy it would only cost 2.5 Billion INR / 200 Million Hungry ~ 10 INR Per Person for the entire Day

We only focused on the food that gets wasted after preparation. Majority of Food which gets wasted are from Hotels/Restaurants and Big Homes. To Put them in numbers there are around -

  • 1 Million Restaurants/Hotels
  • 15 Million Big Homes

Which are our Key User Groups where the food can be collected and distributed to the needy and poor. We worked on making a business model which will not only work on eliminating the Food Wastage but also will bring continuous motivation to our Key User Groups to engage more and get monetized or get rewarded for the act.

Our Product will be work with B2B and B2C both but for the pilot

Business Canvas Model

For Monetizing our product, we thought of below directions-

  • Partnering with the State/Central Government and gets revenue from the Government, however the food distributors (i.e. our Key User Groups) will either can earn cash per unit of Food Donations or get tax benefits, making our product engaging and providing continuous motivation for the food distributors to distribute more.
  • Affiliated Marketing i.e. Partnering with Private Sector Companies to get more PR reach and Publicity. Thus making us a good stop for the companies to invest in. And our Key User Groups can earn cash per unit of food distribution

Out of the above, We liked partnering with the Government a bit more as it gives us more operational and financial freedom and for our user groups.



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