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Happy Propose Day 2018

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Happy Propose Day Quotes 2018

“All I wanted was someone to care for me,
All I wanted was someone who there for me,
All I ever wanted was someone who true,
All I ever wanted was someone like you.”

“Excuse me,
do you have a band Aid,
because I scrapped my heart when I fell in love with you.
Will you be mine?”

“You are the happiness of my life,
you are the smile of my lips,
I’m alive to see you anytime,
your cute smile gives me power please don’t ever leave me.”

“It’s time to open my heart and express my deepest feelings to you. I want you to know that I love you like I have never loved anyone before and would like you to concede me the great honor to be my girlfriend.”

Propose Day wishes 2018

“Love is like a cloud.
Love is like a dream.
Love is one word and everything in between.
Love is a fairytale come true.
Because I found Love when I found You.”

Promise me that we are true friends.
I am moon,
you are my light.
I am cloud,
you are the Rain.
I am track,
you are the train.
if I am moisture,
you are the Baadal.
I am Normal and you are the Pagal.
Happy Propose Day!

“With no big dreams in my eyes,
I just want to say that I care,
Let you feel the love of the world,
And promise you to be right there! Happy Propose Day!”

Propose Day Quotes 2018

“My life is wonderful because you are with me, you make me happy even if I feel sad and low. Your smile lightens up my life and all the darkness disappear. Your love has made me crazy. I will love you till the end of my life. And I want to be with all my life. I love you”

“Smile is mine, but the reason is you, life is mine, but fun is you, sorrow is mine, but relief is you. Without you there is no means of my life and so keep our friendship strong forever.”

“I have Spent Many Sleepless Nights,
In Your Love And i don’t want,
My Son to Do same 4 Your Daughter,
So let’s make them Brother And Sister …
Happy Propose Day 2018”

“I hope that the day in which I wake up and find you by my side becomes a reality because I love you with all my heart and I want to love you forever and ever. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Propose Day Images 2018

“If Roses were Black and violets were brown
my love for you would never be found
but roses r red and violets are blue
all I want to say is I LUV U!”

“I promise my heart, along with my love to you. I will be faithful and true. I promise to always be there for you. I will cherish you until the end of time. God made me complete when he brought you into my life. I ask that you accept my love for you by becoming my wife.”

“My eyes search for you when you are not around. My heart aches when I don’t find you. You are the reason for all my happiness and without you my life would be so dull. All I want in my life is that we stay together for all the life. I love you.”

“The more I know you, the more charming you become and it is unavoidable to conquer my whole heart and awake in me the greatest love. Give me the joy of being your boyfriend.”

Propose Day Messages 2018

“You are the only one who understands me even more than myself. You are the only one with whom I can share everything, even my personal secrets. I want you to be with me always. I love you.”

“There is never a time or place for true love.
It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

“Your eyes are like the blue ocean,
your lips are like the sweetest part of nature.
I want to be with you all the time.”

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Valentina Quotes

Valentina Quotes

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