Happy Rose Day 2018 : Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images and SMS

Rose day 2018 is near and as it is very first day of valentine week so the success of valentine day very much depends on this lovely day.

So, it is necessary that we do some extra preparation to make this happy rose day 2018 more interesting and unforgettable.

Happy Rose Day 2018

Through rose day people shows their feeling to their beloveds via lovely roses. You can also gift a bouquet of rose to your love to show your true feeling for him/her.

Different color roses have different meaning you can understand more about meaning of different color roses here.

Here we are sharing best collection of rose day quotes 2018, wishes, messages, images and sms for you and your sweet love.

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Happy Rose Day 2018

Happy Rose Day Messages 2018

“Red roses are best medium to express love,
 As they speak everything,
 True loves are enough to live whole life,
 As they energize and motivate forever.
 Happy rose day”
“If I have a bunch of roses
 I will insert a plastic rose in it
 And give it to you & say
 Our Friendship continues till d last rose dried.”
“Be regular as clock
 Be soft as flower
 Be strong as rock
 Be nice as me
 I know it’s difficult”
“Roses are so beautiful and liked by everyone,
 It does not matter they grow among lots of thorns,
 Love is blind,
 As it does not matter the outlook of a person.
 Happy rose day”
“I love you a lot my little rose and would forever,
 You just hold my hand and give me a chance to lead you on the way of our life.”
Rose Day Messages 2018

Happy Rose Day Quotes 2018

“If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. Happy Rose Day”
“My eyes are blind without your eyes to see,
 similar to a rose without color.
 Love you forever, Happy Rose Day”
“Our eyes reflect light. Better that the lips are more like a rose petal.”
“Do you think that revolutions are made with rose water?”
“One rose says more than the dozen. Happy Rose Day.!”
“Love and a red rose can’t be hide. Happy Rose Day.!”
“The first men to compare the cheeks of à young woman to à rosé was obviously à poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot.”
“Love is heat… You are sweet… When two Lips are meet each other. then Love is complete…. Happy Rose Day.”

Happy Rose Day Images 2018

happy rose day images
rose day 2018
rose day images
Happy Rose Day 2018 Images
Happy Rose Day images 2018
Rose Day 2018 Images
Rose Day Images 2018

Happy Rose Day Wishes 2018

“When I ask God for a rose, & he gave me flowers. I ask God for an angel, & he gave me the best love ever!”
“A rose is a symbol of my love for you. Its petals shine in beauty, its thorn show its pain.”
“A rose is an image of my love for you. Its petals sparkle in excellence, its thistle demonstrate its agony.”
“Roses are Red
 Skies are Blue
 What I feel for you is eternal and true.
 Happy Rose day to you”
“You may be far away from me
 But I still remember our first rose day together.
 What I felt for you then, 
 it’s still the same now.
 Nothing can change my feelings for you.
 Missing you on this Day 
 Happy Rose Day to you.”
“Everyone loves the most beautiful girl,
 But I love you my red rose,
 As its you only who make my life beautiful”
Rose Day Wishes 2018

Happy Rose Day SMS 2018

“Be soft as flower
 Be strong as rock
 Be kind to me I know it’s difficult
 But just keep trying
 Be fresh as Rose
 Happy Rose Day.”
“A rose doesn’t only mean for proposing love:
 it also means
 R- Rare
 O- Ones
 S- Supporting
 E- Entire life
 Will you always be there?”
“Roses exclusively for a nice person ➡ YOU
 From a Simple person ➡ ME
 Keep these roses until they dry,
 Keep our relation alive until I Die.
 Happy Rose Day.”
“1 Red rose is for love
 1 Yellow rose is for Friend.
 I’ll give you 1 Red and a White,
 You know why?
 Because I Love You my Friend”
Rose Day SMS 2018