Do you ever look at the reviews of the services or products? If possible, post reviews or testimonials from customers that are satisfied with your product. People trust the opinions of other regular people who have bought from your brand. Reviews can make or break you, so remember to not only keep your customers happy but the better reviews you have, more customers will put their trust in you.

Be Open About Pricing

Be upfront not only about services you offer but what your fees are. If your eCommerce platform advertises one price, don’t shock them later on in their signup process that there are hidden fees around the corner. Let your customers know up front what you charge. If they make it to the end of your checkout process and see an additional, unanticipated fee, your customers are going to feel cheated out of the price you advertised. Be honest about your services and products so your customers spend what they expected to pay at the beginning of the process.

Value Your Customer

Keep your customers in the curve. Send newsletters with how you’re doing this week or month. The more they hear from you, the more informed they’ll feel about your business. When reaching out to them, constantly remind them of their importance to you. Customers want information, and they also want good customer service. Reach out to them, but make sure that when they reach out to you for questions or comments, you’re easily accessible. Without your customers, you’re no longer in business. Treat them well.

Utilise Social Media

Your business’s social media can bridge the gap between you and your customers. Social media can be used to your advantage, either by announcing up and coming events, or posting pictures of your business and painting a picture of the company culture of the office. It puts a face to the business and humanizes your company. Creating a relationship through social media with customers is easy and free if used correctly. It’s active engagement. Have a new product? You can announce the release for free on all platforms across social media. It breaks down the gap between the business and customer.

Appreciate Your Competition

Have Great Customer Service

If your customer has an immediate, pressing question, they want to get ahold of you and they don’t want to wait. Having a 24/7 customer helpline is best so that the customer is assured their question is taken seriously, and your business is trying to solve the problem or question to the best of their ability. Be available when they need you to be. It may be difficult to answer customers rapidly but aim to respond to their queries as soon as you can. The timeliness of your response matters in building trust with your customer.Without your customers, you’re no longer in business. Treat them well.