Apps that Every Student must have

Hi, technology was developed (still developing a lot). We are spending our time mostly in internet. It is giving us so much of knowledge and entertainment. As our mobiles remain all the time along with us, in our pocket so if your lifestyle is as such that you get a lot of spare time but in gaps means, that part of your day is not that much to do some interesting stuffs but still takes a lot of your time then you can even use your Smartphone. Our Smartphones, Tablets becomes one of the most important and essential tool to survive. These devices are very small but can handle many important tasks and help you to solve your problem easily. If you are getting bored, you can listen to music, watch movies, play games or even can do chat & hangout to your friends.

Here we are going to discuss the 5 best apps that every student must have. These 5 apps are considered to make college life so much of ease. We can get out of so much of home works, project works as well. Not only studies entertainment is also the best part in every life. So, here I concluded 5 apps that are useful to everyone.

List of Apps that Every Student Must Have

1. Whatsapp

WhatsApp is free best messaging apps. This app doesn’t need of any user name or password but you just need mobile number. WhatsApp allow you free calls (Audio and Video), sending photos, voice message, written message, stickers, emoji and media and also allow you to chat in groups. It is mostly used by android people. You want to know only the phone number of your loved ones. It also syncs the contacts in your mobile and shows who are using the Whatsapp messenger.

2. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is a good music downloader app for android. The app has over 12 million users. It lets you to stream unlimited ad-free music. Wynk app allows you to tune-in to internet radio for uninterrupted music. This app offers flexible sound quality- HD(320/256 kbps)/High(128 kbps) /Medium(64 kbps) /Regular(32 kbps) , which you can choose according your internet speed. Wynk app also offers Wync plus paid subscription which lets you to download unlimited songs and listen to them offline.

3. Showbox

Show BOX is one of the best and free movie apps for android and it is a user-friendly interface. You can easily watch movies, TV series and reality shows. Show Box is a user-friendly Android app and through which you can navigate quickly. This app lets you watch movies, stream videos from third party websites without any hassles. HD stuff is supported, if your device is high end, you can stream full HD (1080P) videos also. Although it is the small android, you can download the movies without paying any time. The app has an advantage of downloading the content and storing them for offline use later. It is in the top list of free movie apps for android.

4. BYJU’S The Learning App

It is the recent sensation app that every student must have. Of course you will stay on top ranks after following this app for regular use. It has almost all concepts right from high school foundation from 6–12 maths and science to competitive exam preparations like JEE, AIOMT, CAT and IAS. You can engage video lessons designed by India’s best teachers, these unique class modules will give you understanding the concepts in a simple way. The modules in this app will coverage complete syllabus for all classes. Chapter wise tests will include and remain your knowledge. Sample papers and practice tests give you better experience to gain in the exams. Students can get doubts; they will be cleared by top mentors from top institutions.

5. TimeTune Optimize your time

One of the apps that every student must have. Now days, people will not remain what to do. For those reasons we can set our schedule in this app and it will remain us what was the schedule today? By this you can do more things with your less time. Improve your daily routine and tells us what we are doing daily. Mostly it will help us while in exam time table. Before exams set the schedule time in this app, like which day which subject we have to read. You can follow the schedule simple. All of you are looking some people seem to able to do plenty of things in a single day. 
 By this TimeTune you can manage your time on routine basis. Routine basis should be like daily, weekly, or weekends. Daily schedule works like a calendar you don’t need to enter the calendar dates.