A curious mind does wonders! Mine led me to Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree

I was introduced to Digital Marketing(DM) for one of the courses during my MBA. It was like love at first sight. The class was very basic, it introduced me to many new concepts — PPC, Earned, Owned, Paid Media, Google AdWords, Google Analytics. I was in love but overwhelmed at the same time. I did not know how and where to start. So, after completing my MBA I kept trying to find a way (mostly free courses) to master DM. I started with Google Analytics course, then mid-way I started Google AdWords, then someone told me about Hubspot so I started that. After about five months and many unsuccessful attempts, I stopped. I understood that I needed a better plan and a structured course.

I was looking online for digital marketing courses. Most of the courses had little to nothing of the hands-on component and I knew I needed live campaign experience before I am in the market. I reached out to few DM evangelist and DM gurus online to understand how to get started on DM and they all had one thing to say — PRACTICAL LEARNING a.k.a. LIVE CAMPAIGNS. Then my husband told me about Udacity. It was the answer to all my problems. There was a nano degree program — Digital Marketing Nanodegree (DMND) which was structured, online (learning at your own pace) and most importantly provided the ability to execute live campaigns (ten projects). DMND course covers Marketing Fundamentals, Content Strategy (Hubspot), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising (Facebook Ads), Search Engine Optimization (SEO)(MOZ), Search Engine Marketing (SEM)(Google Adwords), Display Advertising (Display Ads), Email Marketing (MailChimp), and Measure & Optimize (Google Analytics).

Few months into the course and I already know so much more not only about digital marketing but also about marketing in general. The course covers every aspect of marketing such as marketing plan, creating a target persona, to begin with, and then goes into detail about each module. Few of the advantages of pursuing this course is the community support, reachable mentors, and lastly Udacity career support. Career expert will work with you to help you perfect your LinkedIn profile, resume and prepare you for interviews. What else could one ask for? For someone who wants learn DM to learn new skills or make a career transition Udacity DMND will give a perfect kick-start. As for me, it was about interest and self-learning!