7 Utterly Unique Portrait Tattoos

Manjeet Singh
Apr 9 · 2 min read

Portrait tattoos are preferred by many tattoo lovers these days because of the realism they offer. They can be inked on the skin for a multitude of reasons like showing respect, love, appreciation or to pay homage. These tattoos are very much attached to the bearer for they act as a reminder every time they look at them.


Having said that, it is also true that choosing what portrait or design to get is one in a million task, but worry not! This article will help you to know the latest trending portrait tattoos which will melt your heart at once:

1. Abstract

Abstract tattoo designs are one of the best tattoo portraits. This looks figuratively unique and eye-catching. Plus anyone can pull off abstract tattoos with ease.

2. Girl Tattoo

With a mysterious element, the female portrait looks no less than art. You can take the design as per your special one.

3. Three Dimensional

3D portrait tattoo is a perfect definition of ‘precision and expertise’. The depth and shadow in it make it look so realistic and artistic. Only expert tattoo artists would be able to ink such type of tattoos. If you plan a good design in any unique way, then you should look for experienced makers of tattoos in Delhi.

portrait tattoo

4. Animal Pattern

Most of us have pets and love animals and in order to show affection for them, you can go for animal portrait tattoos. You can feel your pet is with you with the help of this tattoo design.

5. Color Portrait

Now, this is another life-like tattoo. Vivid and bright colors can be used to create a wonderful color tattoo. Also, they exude realism. Such tattoos are popular among youngsters.

6. Black & White

Black and white add much depth to any portrait also give that shadowy effect creating a very artistic look. A tattooist can be experimental with such tattoos. If you are okay with a normal and dark tattoo then go with these black and white colors.

7. Celebrity

It is surely a thrilling and exciting experience to get your favorite celebrity’s portrait tattooed on your body. You can try different celebrities too.

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