Essential Considerations Before Getting Tattooed

In India, the practice of carving a tattoo has existed for a long time, though there are no records that state since when. Tattoos were sometimes considered as a form of adornment. Indigenous tribes used tattoos to mark their identity. Many of the old tattoo designs drew inspiration from nature and included birds, animals, and even symmetric and geometric patterns.

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What instigates people to get inked?

· People want to get tattooed for a variety of reasons. To remember a particular moment of their life, to commemorate the death of a loved one or a pet, these are some of the essential reasons which instigate a person to get a tattoo. Such tattoos are called memorial tattoos.

· Some people get spiritual tattoos to remember a change in their life as a result of a religious event or a supernatural force they have felt.

· And, then some people get it done merely because it is fashionable and trending these days. Basically, to fit into a particular social group of society!

However, getting a tattoo is something that you need to be certain about. A tattoo is a permanent mark on your skin, and you should be able to relate to it many years down the line. If it is visible to others, they are bound to ask you what it means, and you have an exciting story to tell them. It is also a rather expensive affair. Know that getting it removed is even more expensive, so, take time to decide whether you really want to get one.

The journey of a tattoo

1. It is very convenient to find a tattoo shop in Delhi with a price. Google search results are full of options. But, research well before you decide who you want to get tattooed by. Check if the artist has a website or Facebook page to know the kind of work he/she has done in the past. It is also extremely important to pay a visit to the tattoo studio before your appointment.

2. Communication is the key. Tell the artist what you want and what you don’t want as well. Carry references of pictures that may be helpful. Understand what style of tattooing would be best suited for the design you have in mind. Once done, embrace it forever!

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