Visual Tricks To Supercharge Your Social Engagement

Are you getting high engagement rates on social media? The most effective way to get higher engagement on various social media platforms is by creating visually appealing content.

So, if you want to improve your content and drive more traffic through it on social media, then you must give your content a visual boost.

Why you should create visual content?

According to studies, 80.20% of all the posts published in 2016 were photos and videos and this brought 92.15% interactions on social media.

Visual content performs better than the content with no images in it.

We have shared an image below which shows that social media is saturated with images, as almost 66% of social media posts contain visual content.

We have gathered another example of stats showing that how content which contain visuals get 94% more views as compared to the one without images.

So, this proves that visual content matters a lot on all social media platforms.

The type of visual social media content that you can create for getting high engagement rates is as follows:

  1. Infographics
  2. Images
  3. 360 photos and videos
  4. GIFs
  5. Videos
  6. Live Videos

How to get social media engagement through your visual content?

Ways to get more shares through Visual Content

1) Connect with your audience emotionally

If you want to make a long lasting impression on your customer’s mind, then it is must to connect with them emotionally, so you should use such images which trigger emotions. The most used visual elements that you can use in your social media posts are colors, textures, readability, big words, etc.

For example, colors like red, yellow and orange boost positive emotions such as happiness and optimism. And as per the studies, emotions related to happiness are the main drivers of social sharing.

2) Design interactive visual guide

The best way to display your products to your customers is through creative and interactive visuals. If you want to teach your audience that how they can use a particular product, then you can teach them with the help of screenshots. A brand can also create a visual guide for increasing their social media engagement rates.

For example, you can also give instructions to your customers with the help of visuals. Below we have shared an image which gives visual instructions on baking that even a novice can understand.

3) Share the photos in motion

A great way to boost your social media engagement is by using and sharing pictures in motion in your posts. Your visual content campaign on social media which display in-the-moment pictures helps you build your social media presence.

4) Create and share unique graphics

It always works well in your interest if you create your own visuals as per your written content. There are some easy to use tools with the help of which unique graphics can be created like Piktochart and Canva.

So, if you want your customers to engage with your social media posts, then you must use unique and creative visuals in your post that grabs the eye of the visitor…Read More