Top trends in Interior Designing -2016

Guest Room — A guest will be a part of everyone’s daily life , whether invited or came as surprised .Your overnight guests don’t expect hotel-like accommodations and amenities from your spare room, but you want to be as good a host by providing a cozy space than giving a comfy bed and a towel to use in the bathroom.

If your guest room is very small not even to give a space for a single chair to relax , then u can make the guest comfortable by giving a “body” pillow ,your guests can use it as a makeshift couch during the day and snuggle up with it while they sleep.

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Kid’s Room — A bed for a child is something to sleep on .. and it should be more soft , warm and calling them to spend more time on their beds.

There should be a night light or bed light beside their bed to make them feel comfort and giving warmth .Books feed children’s imaginations and nourish their minds.

Even if you love a neutral room, add a bit of color. A color rich pillow, blanket, chair ,rug or a teddy draws the eye and is a reminder that life with kids is just more colorful.

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Living Room — Lighting plays an important role in making a living room more better ,it makes our mood better and adds glitter and shine to our room .For this we can also use “scented” candles .

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One could use plants, flora or trees to provide a kind of natural beauty to the atmosphere of the room. There should be proper amount of free space for the functioning of daily activities for both old people and the kids .

By keeping these things in mind , we can make our home a beautiful and peaceful space in life .

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