Manjula Piyumal
2 min readJan 19, 2017


Today, we at AdroitLogic proudly celebrate the seventh anniversary of theUltraESB. On this special day, we are excited to present to you UltraESB-X, the next generation of the UltraESB, developed on top of the flexible, extensible and lightweight Project-X platform.

At the beginning we were a little bit reluctant to go for a drastic design level change, because the existing UltraESB is a stable product already being used successfully by a considerable set of large-scale enterprise customers. After going through some discussions, we collaboratively decided to try it out, and accept the potential risk as a team. Today, after months of discussions, arguments, mini-fights :-), sleepless nights and hard work powered by dedication, we are confident to say that we were able to successfully complete that challenge and introduce the UltraESB-X, the next generation of the UltraESB.

UltraESB-X is a lean messaging engine that brings together:

  • Project-X as the core framework to drive the message flow,
  • a developer tool, UltraStudio, to develop, test and package your integration flows,
  • Integration Platform Server (IPS) to manage the deployment, maintenance and scaling,
  • improved resource management,
  • project-based resource and dependency management,
  • in-built statistics,
  • a REST based management server to manage your projects,
    and, of course,
  • improved performance.

Once you have the AdroitLogic “X suite”–including UltraESB-X, UltraStudio and IPS–enterprise integration will be a piece cake. Getting a new integration flow up and running in your UltraESB-X cluster would be as simple as:

  • developing your integration flow using UltraStudio: drag-n-drop, connect together and configure the required processing elements and connectors,
  • building and test your integration flow right inside UltraStudio,
  • packaging the flow into a self-contained project (also with a click of a button in UltraStudio),
  • uploading your project artifact via the IPS user interface, along with any other required external resources, and
  • deploying your project in the UltraESB-X cluster with a few clicks in the IPS user interface.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive enterprise integration environment that maintains a perfect balance of performance, stability and correctness, we welcome you to stay tuned for more news on the soon-to-be-released AdroitLogic X suite.



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