The thin line between Self Improvement and Perfectionism

Wherever we go, everywhere the so called “the fast life” has its great impact on us. It’s often seen these days’ people indulging in negative deeds, drugs and intoxication. As far as I noticed, people are less interested in knowing themselves! Well, you can blame your work pressure, duties, and many things for this. However, even though, in the midst of your hectic day, have you ever felt to take time for you and improve yourself?

Well, I know, you are one among the millions who wish to clean yourself and focus on self-improvement. It can be emotional, moral, or physical improvement. At the end of the day, happiness is anyone’s motto in life! However, it’s a mere fact that as we all have shadows, self improvement has its danger side too.

Interesting right? Here you find it!

There is just a narrow line between personal growth and perfectionism. So sometimes, during your process of self-improvement, it can be natural that you may fall in to be a perfectionist. It is then; you would start analyzing too much about yourself, your negative side. Have you felt at times, why you feel less confident and rating yourself down? Are you finding all your faults all of a sudden? A realization on what’s actually wrong in the midst of improving yourself! Well, it is here, you have crossed that narrow line of personal growth!

How your self-help dark side sounds like?

Well it can be in the form of some voices or thought patterns like :

“It’s time to protect myself on to others”

“I think I need to meditate more now”

“It would be better to accept his behavior rather than leaving him”

As you can see these thoughts are the reflections of the dark side of self-improvement. But, you may never know it sometimes! Here, you can see self-vision and trust on self is clearly ignored over the self-help messages that are feeded in your mind. Yes, this can also happen sometimes when you don’t realize what actually a clear thinking has to be.

I know many of us turn to self-help when things are not working well for you in this life. Yes, it’s actually good when you choose this path. However, every single petty flaw is not needed a repair! To improve yourself means you are not supposed to be a perfectionist! If you try doing so, it can turn to be a darker side of self-improvement.

It’s natural that most of you seek this path of self help when you are in the midst of an issue and held up by it. However, you have to make this note that going towards perfectionism and fixing that every minute error of yours can sometimes lead to see the dark side of self-improvement. Well, I don’t mean here that helping you to gain more happiness or success is harm. Well, you should know where you are leading, to the right or wrong! Too much worry on your silly mistakes is not needed. After all, we all are just human beings!

Exploring the dark side thoughts

1. “ It’s time to protect myself on to others”

Well, it is always good to protect ourselves on to others. However, are you too much concerned about this? Don’t you think being little gentle towards you and your human values are an essential thing? Therefore, it would be ideal not to worry too much on this!

2. “ I think I need to meditate more now”

Don’t you think to spend lovely time with your friends, reading a book, enjoying some good music is more relaxing. Yes, meditation is really needed to connect to your inner self. But getting more in to it, I mean all the time round the clock, isn’t a good idea!

3. “ It would be better to accept his behavior rather than leaving him”

So, where is your self-respect gone? Yes, it’s true that sometimes we compromise a lot for someone. May be to fix those issues and let it go! If that can sort out things, it would be great right. Well, are you forgetting or rather not realizing your self-esteem here? Working with your issues is good but without compromising your self-respect! Enhancing that self-esteem is a true part of finding self-improvement ways!

Reaching inner wisdom

We may have to use body as a tool to channelize the information. Well, excess logical thoughts may often lead us to be perfect. But, you actually need to find where you are stuck, to find the real cause of your issues. For this, you just have to do scanning on your body to know if anywhere you feel little tight or uncomfortable.

Try to scale that uncomforting area. Feel it. Spend time to fix it and make it comfortable. This is a way of using somatic response of your body and you will come to know where exactly you have to head on. Practice this often. Though sounds silly in the beginning, you will soon feel to find more clarity and feel like getting that real message on what to improve on you!

Not to worry too much on our mistakes

We all are humans and mistakes are at times bound to happen! So, don’t worry about it! Trying to fix your issues and self-improvement steps are indeed good. But fixing all those minor issues wouldn’t serve the purpose of your self help always. You don’t have to be too concerned about small pitfalls in life. It never ends up anywhere!

To be a good human being, you just need to realize that good part of you and find eternal happiness through self-help that’s all.

Think Good, Do Good! Rest leave to almighty!