The Benefits of Timely Bike Insurance Renewal

Many people are dependent for their everyday travel on a bike. Therefore, it’s important to keep it in good shape and protected. However, there are a good number of times when people forget to get their bike insurance renewed once it expires.

Bike insurance renewal is as imperative as getting an insurance done. A timely renewal for your bike helps in many ways. Apart from being a compulsion by the law, a bike renewal also adds continuity to the insurance cover and provides a sense of safety. With the advent of online insurance, it has become even more accessible to get bike insurance renewal. Given below are some of the benefits associated with bike insurance renewal:

Safety against Perils

Renewal of bike insurance provides continuity in safety against natural disasters such as explosion, fire, earthquake, self-ignition, and others. The insurance covers for any damage caused due to such natural disasters.

Protection against Thefts

Incidents such as robbery, strikes, accidents or any malicious acts can lead to loss of many valuable parts of the bike. With a continued insurance, you are saved from the financial burden of replacements and repair.

Legal Interest

It is important to know that third party insurance is compulsory and your bike insurance policy covers for liabilities that may arise out of injury to third person or property. Therefore, bike insurance renewal ensures that your duties are fulfilled.

Perks and Discounts

A bike insurance renewal ensures that you continue to receive the discounts and perks you are eligible for as a bike owner. This applies to no claim bonus and other kinds of discounted price offers on certain services.


Travelling should be hassle-free and with a bike insurance renewal, you can travel without any worries on your mind. A break in the policy period leads to discontinued facilities. Therefore, a bike insurance renewal adds a sense of security.

There are many bike insurance renewal policies that are offered online by various banks such as Two Wheeler and Bike Insurance Online by Bajaj Allianz, Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Online by ICICI Lombard, and many others.