Types of general insurance plans

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, we often ignore several nuances of life. We strive hard to earn a living for our family and provide them with happiness and comfort. Certain events like unfortunate death, illness, accidents, and natural calamities hampers our life in many ways.

Our finance can get severely impacted due to the occurrence of incidents like these. General insurance policies provide financial protection in times of such financial emergencies.

General insurance policies are designed for the protection of your needs and these policies can be bought online too.

Here are types of general insurance policies you can avail to:

Health Insurance: Health insurance provides financial coverage in times of medical emergencies. There are three types of health insurance policy.

Complete health insurance: This plan includes family health insurance plan. It protects you and your family against any kind of medical emergencies.

Personal protect: Covers you against accidental death and personal total disablement.

Travel Insurance: Ensures protection against medical and non-medical emergencies while travelling. There are three types of travel insurance.

Single round trip: Covers medical and financial emergencies that might arise while travelling abroad. It also offers cashless hospitalization.

Gold multi trip plan: Specially designed for people who travel abroad frequently.

Senior citizen plan: This plan is specially designed for senior citizens to cover unexpected medical and non-medical emergencies when travelling.

Home Insurance: Protects your home and covers fire, burglary, theft, and optional cover for terrorism.

Car Insurance: Provides you and your car against various on-road and off-road emergencies.

Student medical insurance: Provides students with medical and non-medical facilities throughout their stay overseas.

Gold Plan: Covers personal accident, personal liability, bail bond, study interruption, and sponsor protection.

Plus Plan: Fulfils various criteria of universities abroad. This plan acts as an additional coverage.

Bronze Plan: Provides sponsor protection, personal accident, bail bond, and personal liability cover.

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