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A brief background. :)
I got acquainted with the OPSkins project long ago, I can’t even remember how many years ago. And how is it possible to pass it over when you work in Steam trading world? The biggest market for buying and selling skins is here.

I had a lot of sales, especially in time of Steam-gifts. Over the course of our collaboration a lot of things have happened, but the problems (in case they happened) were solved quickly and in my favor.
In the sum, the website merited trust and when announced about the future ICO, I saw with half an eye that I will participate.
Global plans to control the market of in-game items, the strong team that can embody this plan and has a wealth of experience…

The first version of the project started in late 2017, at the end of December. Despite numerous troubles, the project is being developed, day by day concluding new partner contracts, entering the exchanges, leading social active life (an interview, exhibitions, conferences). However, this is only a small part. In future we are waiting for the main feature of the project — the system of Guilds and decentralized WAX Marketplace.
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When you like some project, you might have a desire to support it. And it is not always necessary to do it using money. Sometimes a word of encouragement is more valuable, than several dollars in a purse.
This material appeared exactly from such aspiration and faith in the project :)
Together with artists, we developed and prepared for you a compilation of WAX Humanizations.

5 artists, 5 points of view, 5 unique characters.

Four MdSd

It is difficult to be the first. It is necessary to pave the way, to elaborate ideas, to catch challenging thoughts. This WAX-girl appeared not as much from Design Assignment but as from the author-artist’s vision. The initial idea of drawing had another direction, however the result of the “experiment” turned out to be pretty good as well.
Because of this interesting mismatch of Design Assignment and artist’s vision appeared the thought to create not a single character, but five characters different from one another.

Clay Barker

Despite the fact that that arts were decided to be done different, shared elements should be present in them. These elements include the color spectrum of a website and some reference to “bee” theme.
The second work represents the future technological WAX-girl variant. After all the WAX project is specialized on the technologies, so we couldn’t walk past creating this personalization.
Power wings, armored suit, but still a womanly and attractive character.


Who said that the WAX character must be a human?

The author of the third art showed, that even cats understand the importance of using technologies. Cybernetic eyes will help fluffy predator of the twenty first century to track down any prey.

Ingrid Istian

Robots, cats… What about trying the other way?

Hundred changes, but as a result the fourth work shows us the balance between a demonic exterior and femininity.
Head plates, stylish tattoos and reticulating eyes create an inimitable image.


The art that was described in the initial Design Assignment finishes this collection. Very detailed explanations helped to create the WAX-girl of the future who is a master of gadgets, controls the RoboBee and does not forget about her style :)

I want to express a deep gratitude to all artists who participated in creating this collection! I know, sometimes my correcting was already intolerable, but together we achieved the desirable result! ;)

Last but not least, thanks to the WAX — developers and all who support this project!

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