Dear Mankind Members,

when we started this project, we didn’t really know the outcome of it. We thought, maybe we could Airdrop the idea and the fascination to be part of “Mankind First” to some individuals. Maybe 100 to 200 people. Now, after our SWAP to the new MK-Mankind Token is finalized we got more than 14.000 participants.

The crypto world, beside some blockchain enthusiastic, is governed by selfish greed. Many crypto traders even don’t understand the basic concept of the blockchain technology. Many ICO’s only exploiting the naivety of these traders.

This was the one of the reason, why we didn’t start any ICO. We called our Token a IGO — Initial Group Offering. A group of people joining a common cause instead of just own selfish motivations. We don’t blame or judge people for being financial egoistic, because this is quite human behavior we all have. But we judge people if this is the only life purpose. Within our IGO we didn’t sell any token. Not even one.

What now. We weigh in some options what to do next. We could ask for donations, address some influencers. Try to explain our motivations.

Honestly, this is not the way we think or act. We started this to show that few individuals can make a change. Create a movement out of nothing than good will. And this will be the future path of Mankind First. Anybody who wants to join this cause is free to start a project and benefit “Mankind First” in any possible way.

As we are the torch carriers for a certain time, because nobody owns “Mankind First”, we will show how to create projects and work on those, so “Mankind First” will get a monetary fundament, that makes it stronger for the future.

Our first project MMOCOIN is already launched. We do not own this project, but we help to get it kickstarted and Mankind First will participate hopefully on the success of this project. Currently we own 5% of this coin.

Our second project is a POS Coin (BWS — Bitcoin W Spectrum), that was abandoned from his DEV. We picked it for 1 Sat and build a Team around it. Since then my Team listed this coin in three new exchanges and on a famous POS-platform. Price is increased since then 1000–1500 Percent. 2 Merchants are already integrated with the BWS Payment Gateway. In further phases we are planning to renew the codebase to a superior version, redesign the wallet and release a mobile wallet. Our ambitious are far beyond, but we need to do some our homework to. “Mankind First” owns also 5 Percent of Bitcoin W Spectrum.

Some other projects are already started and we already set timelines, but they are in a very premature status. We will keep you up to date on those, if they emerge viable. Additionally we have created a Hub for Developers and Coin Teams (above 15 Teams) in order speed up projects and increase our network.

10 Projects and enough economic power until end of December 2018 is our plan. Please remember we didn’t sell any tokens.

Before aiming for the Stars, let’s do some five small steps forward.

If you are a webdeveloper, a programmer or a blockchain expert and you have fantastic idea that could help our cause. We help you kickstart it. For this reason, we have created a Google-Doc for project applications.

Use MK Tokens in: