INDINODE: Masternode coin for future Indian crypto trading exchange

Indinode, (XIND) is a community-focused, privacy-based coin driven to maintain sustainable growth, development and fair practices within the masternode coin space. Indinode is a self-funded, self-governed, private, instant and secure cryptocurrency. Indinode uses best practices, features and ideas from DASH, PIVX and Zerocoin, One of the first Altcoin Exchanges in India & and Thailand. Offering easy to buy Altcoin solution to for customers from India and Thailand. Indinode and Coinsnow will be the future backbone of the new Indi-Exchange (Non-Fiat) (

Indinode will be released in July, 2018. It will be the first asset platform coin based on PIVX/Masternode for the Indian Market.

Indinode is an asset and payment platform which financially rewards individuals who actively protect and create the Indinode network. Indinode MasterNode owners operate distributed servers that remain online, perform across the globe, in order to ensure that Indinode transactions are executed instantly, privately and safely for all upcoming Indinode payment services.

Furthermore, the Indinode network rewards masternode owners frequently, and thus by having an entire incentivized distributed network of servers, each holding a full copy of the blockchain and working for Indinode around the clock worldwide, ensures that the performance of advanced features like PrivatePay and InstaSent are guaranteed.

Indinode is the market coin for the future cryptocurrency exchange named Indi Exchange. Indinode coins will be eligible for staking and earning based on the exchange revenue, similar to the BNB Token from Binance or the Crypto Bridge Coin.

Indi Exchange platform (strictly Non-Fiat) will have an integrated exchange allowing users to trade in cryptocurrencies. Seamless trading pairs will be managed by the backend of the exchange. With the main focus being the emerging cryptocurrency market of India, new tokens and trading pairs will be continuously added in accordance with the community’s preferences.

Indi Exchange will be implemented in jurisdictions where it has the most favourable environment to operate, and where its assets and stakeholders interests are most protected, by a clear regulatory framework and will be pursuing actively strict compliance to laws and regulations in force.

Indinode Masternode owner will get 50% from all profits from exchange operations. Payment will be done in XIND, proportional between MN owners. Additionally, Masternode owners are Gold — Level Customers with fast-track support and other incentives.

Revenue Model

Exchange Fee Indinode will charge a fixed fee per trade.
Margin Fee Margin services will have associated costs related.
Listing Fee We will have listing fees in certain cases.
Withdrawal Fee Withdrawal fee will be charged depending on the Coin or Token.
Indinode Pair Crypto Coins will be paired against BTC and XIND.

Indinode Specifications

PoW algorithm Quark
Coin ticker XIND
Coin codebase PIVX/DASH
Retarget strategy Re-targeting every block
Max Block Size 2 MB
Block time 60 Seconds
Block maturity 10 blocks
Stake age 60 Min
RPC Port 8697
P2P Port 8696
Block subsidy 2 1/2 month startup with 10 XIND per block, Gold Rush phase is 2500 XIND 
Coin marketcap 1.466.860.000 after two years 
Coin premine 150 Mil. XIND = 100 Mil. XIND Team, 50 Mil. XIND set aside for bounties and marketing 
Coin specifics Masternode, InstaSent, Zerocoin
Masternode Collateral 200.000 XIND
Inflation after 4 Years ca. 3.8%
Nodes: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=

Reward Schedule

Ramp-up Phase: 2–86400 Block Reward : 10 XIND [ 90% MN/10% POS] 
Gold Rush Phase: 86400–518400 Block Reward : 2500 XIND[ 90% MN/10% POS] 
Maturity Phase: 518401–10306800 Block Reward : 750 XIND [ 60% MN/40% POS] 
Quality Phase: 10306801–1555200 Block Reward : 350 XIND [ 60% MN/40% POS] 
Persistent Phase: 1555200-Infinite Block Reward : 150 XIND [ 60% MN/40% POS]

Links/further reading

Block Explorer

1000X250 XIND GoogleAirdropDoc

Upcoming Listings

Crex24 funded funded funded
Cryptobridge depends on funds
Coinexchange depends on funds

Indinode has implemented the following masternode features in XIND:

• Privacy Increase through the Zerocoin protocol
• Instant Transactions through SwiftTX
• Governance and Voting
• Budgeting and Treasury
• Securing Exchange Transactions

The integrated platform technology seeks to provide users with:

  • Multi-Sig Escrow
    • Multi-Sig of 16 signatures for full escrow functionality
    • In-wallet user interface for easy management of the Multi-Sig function
    • Self-Service Markets
    • Decentralized and secure Bounty Markets
    • User-created and operated Bounty Services
    • Auto-escrow release
    • User-set fee and vendor bond amount
    • Familiar operations
    • Encryption to Encryption Messaging
    • Sure-Spot style messaging
    • End-to-End encryption
    • Self-destructing messages
    • Truly private group chats