Tips for VR Frisbee Golf in AltspaceVR

Frisbee, Golf, and VR is an awesome combination and one of the new experiences you can have in AltspaceVR. The learning curve is a little steep but hopefully these tips can help you improve your score.

Use Full Charge

Consistency is the name of the game in golf, frisbee golf, or in this case, VR frisbee golf. On your drive, the first shot for each hole, use full charge. Unlike in real life, you can hold it for a long as you’d like so you can line up the perfect shot. This means you won’t have to nail the timing of your shot. You can’t always use full charge but most of the time it makes you very consistent.

Be Social

Chances are, there will be other people playing. Everyone has their own strategies for conquering each hole so ask around and try different approaches until you find one that works for you. Find a friend or two and play through a few rounds to get a feel for the course. I learned a lot of tricks playing with users Kevin and Kai.

Practice Quickly

VR allows you to improve quickly. You can practice tough shots a few times by repeating the same throw (Disc Menu > Repeat Throw). You can also save time by teleporting around and even directly into the teleporter at the end of the hole. Just be careful not to block other people’s shots.

More Tips

Experiment with your wall bounces. You can even bounce off the inside of window frames (Hole 5). Pick your spots. Sometimes the best shot isn’t the longest shot.

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