Why I Didn’t Pre-order the HTC Vive

You may think it was because of the $800 price tag or because this launch started at 7am versus 8am. Nope. I’m exhausted from the deafening horn of the hype train.

via /u/Damo3000 on /r/oculus

The noise level in the VR community is out of control. So much whining about everything from ergonomics to the VAT, whatever that is. Many who complain can’t even make a fair comparison — including Notch, the creator of Minecraft, who tweeted that he was “spitefully” glad the Vive is better than…the DK2. The bickering has shifted from AR vs VR to Oculus vs Valve/HTC (What happened to our common enemy, Magic Leap?) People endlessly debate minutiae and business geniuses pop up like prairie dogs.

These storylines make for great entertainment. Choose your side and fight for honor and glory! The disciples of Gaben vs. the Cult of Luckey. The Seated vs the Standing. Except, this war is manufactured, guys, like WMDs in Iraq. We’re makers and evangelists. The only people who should really care who dominates the market are shareholders and employees of a few billion-dollar companies. The rest of us should focus on either building the metaverse or helping to spread the good word. Stop it with all this wasted potential.