5 Reasons to Choosing an Architecture College in Pune

The city of Pune is the most preferred educational destination for students who dream of studying their favourite course from a well-recognised institute and have a fulfilling career. The landscape around the city is simply amazing and the weather and environment will certainly make you fall in love with the city. So, if you are thinking of pursuing your architecture course from one of the top architecture colleges in Pune, then you should go ahead without a second thought about it.

The profession of an Architect is a bit challenging but at the same it is one of the most enjoyable profession as well. You must have observed that every building is different from the other. Similarly, as an architect your every project will be different from the previous one. There is absolutely no scope of monotony in life. So, the thrill and challenge of architecture courses offered by the architecture institutes in Pune is exciting, to say the least.

We have listed below the top 5 reasons to choosing an architecture college in Pune:

1. Amazing Campus Life
The active campus life at the architecture colleges in Pune is highly commendable. Various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities ensure that you get sufficient opportunities for testing your strengths as well as weaknesses. You would often get new insights about your choice of subject and other areas of interest. A very good testimony of this is the wide range of start-ups that have got successful. The amazing college fests are a huge attraction for students as they get to explore their skills. Presence of some of the popular eateries is also much appreciated by the students as they are able to enjoy their favorite food items whenever they wish.

2. Industry -Institute Interaction 
Industrial visits are a very crucial part of the architecture course as classroom learning would not suffice the learning experience of students. So, the colleges in Pune lay a lot emphasis on developing strong relations with the top-notch architecture companies and send their students for trainings, internships and industrial tours so that they gain real world experience and are industry ready when they get into the professional world. Conducting surveys, building scale models, interacting with people are a part of the course.This is such an active field that you will have a hands-on experience through numerous assignments during the course of study.

3. Experienced and enthusiastic faculty
The best architecture colleges in Pune have well qualified and highly experienced faculty members who have spent decades in serving the sector in various roles. They are always ready to help students and solve their queries and concerns. Their enthusiasm is an inspiration for students. They motivate students to work hard and achieve their goals through determination and dedication in whatever they do.They have several research papers and journals in their name and are appreciated for encouraging students for research work. It is because of them that student life in Pune is much easier than any other place in India.

4. World-class infrastructure
A good infrastructure of the college where you study is also an important factor in deciding where to study. The world-class infrastructure of architecture institutes in Pune creates an exhilarating academic experience for students. The well-equipped classrooms, spacious and adequately ventilated auditoriums, digital libraries, state-of-the-art labs and other facilities like playgrounds and sports facilities, hostel, dining hall, medical facilities, wifi, security, etc. are all a part of the good infrastructure.

5. Excellent Placement
These colleges have a superb track record when it comes to placements. Their students are well placed at some of the best organizations and are doing well in their respective roles. The placement cells of the architecture colleges are very active and ensure that students get placed at the most suitable positions and best packages.