We just sold BlogX to Techmagnate


It’s a pleasant day today tinged with sadness.

The last day I will be known as the owner of BlogX, India’s largest blog conference where bloggers and content managers connect to learn while networking with industry leaders in the blogging community. And last day I get to call myself the boss at India’s most popular blogging event.

I started planning for BlogX with Manoj Dhanda, who is the present Chief Executive Officer of MicroHost.com in July 2016. The first show on 5th of August happened just like that, out of nowhere and it was SOLD OUT!

But hey, an exciting new chapter starts today for BlogX under the new management and expert guidance of Sarvesh Bagla of Techmagnate, which is rated as one of the best Digital Marketing & SEO company in India working with brands like LG, Honda, Network 18, British Paints, Polaris, Dabur, Jindal Steel & Power, Fortis HealthWorld, Times Group, Koenig, Shaadi.com, etc.

After Signing BlogX Sale/Purchase Agreement at Hotel Royal Paza, New Delhi

Last month, we decided to scale BlogX and leave our footprints in every part of the country by conducting quarterly workshops across India which would be branded as Tech Series/Travel Series/Food Series/Fashion & Lifestyle Series etc. Building upon our approach, new management at BlogX have already shown signs of positive intent by hinting about the very first workshop of BlogX Tech Series in Pune to create a better platform for content creators and revive local blogging community.

BlogX has been growing at an incredible pace and we both (Manoj & I) were doing an injustice by not being able to give adequate focus plus time due to our full-time business commitments. As mentioned earlier, Manoj is the CEO of MicroHost.com and I am the CEO of Reappoint Internet along with organizer of India’s only domain names event; DomainX.

We weren’t profitable in the first year (2016 show), however did break-even in the second year (2017 show) of BlogX and laid foundation to a flourishing community/network of some of the best and popular bloggers existing in India. Air Asia was the proud Title Partner at the BlogX 2017 Conference, New Delhi which concluded in February this year.

Why did we sell BlogX?

We love BlogX and were never going to part ways with it. We were having quite many discussions, almost every day to figure out the right strategy to help BlogX get profitable and build for the long-term. As months passed, I realized that we really needed more time to work on growing this infant (infant because, its only about 10 months young). However, every infant needs full financial support to grow in proper sound manner while we were struggling to keep our vision in-line due to our other full-time commitments.

BlogX required a bigger budget, more sponsors to keep up with massive growth and interest from local blogging community. We tried working with local sponsorship management company initially, also threw around many ideas but the idea that stood out was selling BlogX to someone who has adequate resources that could help it thrive under more stable conditions.

If we were going to sell BlogX, however, we needed it to be in good hands. Someone who respected bloggers, stayed in touch with them regularly and worked as a community.

One of the first people I reached out was Sarvesh Bagla, CEO of the digital marketing and seo agency based out of Delhi who has a full-fledged team which would be ready to take over instantly due to the nature of their business.

I spoke with Sarvesh and his team member Noopur for a good 45 minutes on the phone discussing BlogX and sharing details about the bloggers community. As we got off the 45 minute long phone call, Sarvesh mentioned that he’d be interested, however he’d like to meet me in order to discuss more, to see how BlogX would fit right into Techmagnate’s day to day business activities. We met in New Delhi almost after a week, went over the details once again, shook hands and started working out the deal of BlogX.

Today, I’m proud to say that BlogX has officially joined Techmagnate.

Over the last 5 months, I committed my 100% time, efforts and money to bring up second edition of BlogX like our life depended on it. With only few hours of sleep every day, I and Abhishek Jain of RustyBlogger.com worked out of MicroHost’s Noida office till wee hours of the morning, all in an effort to create a quality event which was valued by the audience and sponsors. BlogX has grown to cater over 2000+ bloggers from almost every corner of India.

There were definitely many ups and downs. A lot of disagreements between me and Manoj, however the most rewarding part was working together to create something positive alongside some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

So what does this mean for BlogX today? It doesn’t change much other than the fact that BlogX will continue to run as is with addition of quarterly series of workshops. I will stay with new management of BlogX for at least 1 more year for smooth transition of the company assets.

Our dream and vision of helping content creators grow together as a community while doing what they love will remain alive.

I would like to give a quick shoutout to Gaurav Kohli of YellowPages.in, Vinay Murarka of VNY.in, Sunny Bajaj of JMM Interactive and last but not the least, our IP Lawyer; Mr. Ankur Raheja for their never-ending love and support through thick and thin.

For people reading this and everyone who has followed along our journey from the start till date, I really appreciate your support. You’ve helped us get this far and I’m sure we will take BlogX places together.

Signing off with a photo very close to my heart from the BlogX 2017 Conference, New Delhi below.

BlogX — India’s biggest blogging event.