Redesign a Non-profit Organisation Website -UX Elements/Lean UX

(Case Study Research)

Materials: Pen, Paper, MindMapping, Figma, Webinar, Research, Card Sorting

UX Elements: Product Objectives, User Needs, Functional Specifications, Content Requirements, Interaction Design and Information Architecture.

Case Study Objective: This research is prepared by two UX/UI Digital Product Designers in learning, to develop the understanding and to show our potentials in digital product design, methodologies and processes with a challenge to redesign a non-profit organisation website.

Non-profit Organisation Background

Social Health Growth Ltd(SHG) is a non-profit organisation which established since 16 February 2012 following extensive research done by Chairman Mr Alson Boo. His sole purpose is to improve the socio-economic conditions of unwed and/or single mothers in our community — who were mostly left alone to fight their daily battles. For many years, They have only a blog running until their website is done in 2019.

Current Site on Desktop and Mobile

SHG Goals

SOCIAL — the aim is to help all communities, race and creed in Singapore.

HEALTH — with the aim to provide for the physical, emotional, and mental well being of the single, unwed mothers and that of their children.

GROWTH — with the aim of uplifting and supporting the mothers to grow as individuals and have financial independence and create a better future for themselves and their families.


  1. The website was designed by a website builder.
  2. The donation buttons ( call of action) are everywhere.
  3. Events' photos are everywhere and are not categorised aligned.
  4. Sponsors and collaborators' logos are too big and not aligned or organised.
  5. Memberships programmes are not in place properly and some details are out of frame.
  6. Introduction page about them, the fonts wrongly display and paragraphs are very hard to read.
  7. The segmentation of contents on the website is not done properly.
  8. Understanding of organisation direction is not clearly stated on what is their main priorities.
All the problems identified

Webinar Research

(Social Connex Series: Where Basic Needs Are Not Met (Webinar) where Chairman Mr Alson Boo was one of the discussion panelists. From there, we understand further about SHG.

Research on Organisation in is a trusted platform where all charity and community services in Singapore collaborate together to raise awareness and funds. Within the past 300 days, they have created about 22 campaigns to raise funds and managed to get $60,276 all for good cause. This is to say that the public does trust them as they have been active in their social media posts such as Facebook and Instagram. However, the current website does not do justice.


The challenge was assigned to us during the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period that we are to Stay Home Stay Safe and this actually blocking us to discuss in a bigger group or not to use the Design Thinking concept. Thus it brings us only to understand more on other processes and to use the 5 Elements of UX Design Architecture (Strategy, Scope & Structure) and Lean UX to come up with the strategy.

Case Study Research will cover Strategy, Scope & Structure

User and Design Research

Using the Business Model Canvas framework is a visual representation of the important aspects or parts to consider when segmentation and designing.


Understanding the assumptions of the website.

Strategy Product Objectives

Derived from the Business Model Canvas

- To get more donations based on campaigns run or programmes.
- To get more volunteers to help run SHG & their programmes.
- To allow the beneficiary to empower themselves by joining programmes.
- To provide visitors with clearer information on the SocialHealthGrowth organisation.

Persona & Strategy User Needs

Result of the webinar earlier, we are able to create our personas. Before the webinar, we do not really know SHG much and what the beneficiaries actually benefit from the organisation.

Scope of Functional Specifications

For defining the Scope, we use Value Proposition Canvas, it helps us to identify pains, gains and features for this challenge that will help us to plan for the upcoming redesigned website.

From the above, it helps us to come up with Feature Hypothesis Statement:

I believe_________will be achieved if___________with__________.

And with these, we use an Agile mindset (Agile Prioritization Matrix) to come up with MOSCOW Prioritization Categories:

User Stories

Must Have, Should Have and Could Have for the User Stories for the Users even these difficult times like the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period.

As a [Who], I want [What] so that [Why].

Scope Content

We did the card sorting for the content of the website into a mind mapping.

Arranging Content
Contents Arrangements

Structure of Interaction Design

Looking at the problems that we have highlighted earlier, there is a need to have consistency in the site to make it more trustworthy, clear, neat and informative.

Structure of Information Architecture

Compared to 2 competitors of SHG, Filos Community Services and AMKFSC Community Services, their Information Architecture layout is more organised and has a neat and clear segmentation. After card sorting and mind mapping, we create a proposed information architecture.

Competitors Information Architecture
Proposed Structure of Information Architecture

Next Step

Looking ahead, we will consider the organisation branding concept and design a new fresh website based on the information and research done to segmentation the contents clearly together with consideration of their corporate colours. Thinking of a better Call To Action (CTA)button and the placement of CTA with the understanding of the predictability of the user's eyes as they browse the website. All these will be the next step moving into the Skeleton stage of the 5 Elements UX when we progress to the next term.

Example of CTA

What I Learned

Excellence research is a must and very important as it plays a part in understanding the products, services, users thinking, how the user journey will be like, and many more.

Secondary research also important as it may let us reconsider certain information that we may have miss out or overlooked.

Assumptions may also not enough. To understand more about the organisation, we also may need to do the walk-thru and join in the activities to understand beneficiaries and the benefactor better.

Teamworks and team discussions play a part in better analysis outcomes and help to create better user experiences for all.

We look forward on the next steps to redesign the website. :)




UXUI Digital Product Designer /Like Art, Style and Fashion

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nic isa

UXUI Digital Product Designer /Like Art, Style and Fashion

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