Summon 3 Axis Stabilized Handheld Camera

Summon+: An intelligent and integrated Gimbal for stabilized shots

Since it was born, sports camera has been through fast development circle achieving small volume, high image quality and popular application scenarios. And with the more and more modules coming out it has created endless possibilities for creative purposes. The innovative product has been the choice of many professional and rookie photographer to carry in the grassland, on the highway, in the sky and in the ocean. This has been possible due to the teams of science and technology all over the world who devote their hearts and minds on producing a reliable stabilization and high image quality. Feiyu Tech is one of such solid example, its handheld stabilizers helped lots of global creators to obtain the stable, smooth and high quality video materials with the sport camera in the past competitive years. Feiyu Tech Summon+ 3 Axis stabilized handheld camera is a product of a brand new conception, it integrates the advanced 4K camera module and classic stabilizing platform of the Feiyu Tech Gimbal series. The small body consists of the modules including screen of high definition, voice recording, and four-directional control stick. The app based operating system offers one of a kind intuitive control experience with the integration of hand-held pan-tilt solution. With Summon + creating footage will become significantly easier and smoother.


Ø The hand grip section is wrapped in silicon making handling the Gimbal comfortable and safer.

Ø The sports integrated threads in the bottom for attachment of various tripods or extensions mounts added up to the unit’s versatility during its uses.

Ø A 3000 milliamp 650 lithium ion batteries provides approximately 3 hours of usage when shooting at 1080p.

Ø Camera is attached to super smooth motors compensating for movements across all 3-axis and in result 360 degree rotation on pan axis and 310 degree on the roll and tilt.

Ø A 16MP of Panasonic sensor allows capture videos upto 4K at 24 fps.

Ø An informative and intuitive LED for viewing the captured shots.

Ø A single button for quick switches between photo and video and photo mode.

Ø Maximum of 64 GB of MicroSD and HDMI slot.

Ø Detail distinctive audio with built-in 2 microphones.

With an impressive battery as it powering the gimbal assembly as well as the attached camera, the Feiyu Tech Summon+ 3 axis stabilized handheld camera is easy to buy. Want to experience your very own Summon+ with smart design consisting a joystick and single unit to charge and firmware updates then visit now. With an easy one hand operation and 95 degree of view, Feiyu Tech camera and gimbal has been the choice of many customers. It may not be as wide as GoPro but fully capable to capture videos or images with no distortion. Buy now the Summon+ 3 Axis and experience a device with powerful specs and more natural looking shots.

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