What do I need to do to take care of my car?

What do I need to do to take care of my car”, isn’t this the most common question we get to hear from everyone?

The answer is quite simple: You need to follow a regular car maintenance plan. Car Maintenance is essential for increasing the reliability and protection of your car. The basic step is to read the vehicle owner’s manual carefully. Every automaker recommends specific set of guidelines that should be followed to increase the longevity of the car and decrease the wear & tear. The second step is to find a good service center in the vicinity.

Once you are familiar with the service center and their workers, here are the list of recommended things that should be communicated and checked at frequent intervals.

Engine oil and brake oil to be changed at regular interims.

Air filter is recommended to be replaced after every 1000 Km.

Car coolant should be checked and refilled regularly, especially during summers since it loses its property after sometime.

Wheel balancing and alignment are mandatory checks required so as to maintain proper balancing of the car.

Spark plugs should be changed after a specific time span. Some cars might have double platinum spark plugs, which generally have a time span double than that of single spark plugs.

Air induction service should be done at recommended interim.

These were some car maintenance basics that will help you keep your healthy and low on maintenance.

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