Multiple Roles of Claims Adjusters

Mark Miranda
Mar 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Professional claims services consist of more than inspecting damage and processing insurance claims. While that is a major component of the job, the adjuster assumes multiple roles. Adjusters who work for insurance companies process all types of daily claims. Automobile accident damage, storm damage to homes and property, vandalism, major home repairs, and liability claims are common. Commercial clients offer an even wider variety of claims possibilities.


Adjusters complete assessments for baseline purposes, to identify potential risks, and verify the extent of damage claimed. Insurance fraud costs companies billions of dollars and contributes to hikes in premiums. If a claim appears too high, several claims have been submitted by the same policyholder over a short period of time, or there are any questions about photographs or estimates an adjuster will be sent out to investigate the situation and ensure the insurance company is not paying out for false or exaggerated claims.


Many cases assigned to Professional claims services require the work, repairs, or property to be re-inspected to ensure the matter is taken care of effectively. If an insurance company informs a homeowner that a new roof has to be placed on the house before the policy is renewed, an adjuster will arrive to verify a new roof. Sometimes damages require extensive repairs that were not anticipated. A rotted exterior staircase, for example, has to be replaced for safety.

Once the project has begun, workers discover that the porch is infested with termites and also needs to be replaced as well. An adjuster will be sent out to check out the damage before additional costs are approved. This is typically completed without delay. If the home is on a remote or rural area, it may take a week before an adjuster can get back there.

Independent Help

When distance or demands prohibit timely completion of assignments, insurance companies will contract with local adjusters for Independent Insurance Adjusting. The company does not have to incur the costs of another trip, the policyholder does not have to wait weeks for a new porch, and the repair contractor gets paid on time. The practice saves time and money for everyone involved.

This arrangement also helps a great deal during huge losses, natural catastrophes, and real estate market booms. The roles of adjusters in these cases may include authorizing emergency spending for housing at four in the morning, arranging for emergency evacuations, and coordinating the efforts of regular and independent adjusters to get claims processed as quickly as possible.

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Claims Adjusting is an important way to keep levels of fraud down so that more money remains for those who truly deserve it.