We are super excited about having partnered up with Planet Zero and supporting them in the hyperlocal food revolution!

Planet Zero is a marketplace for hyperlocal food that connects consumers with local producers, both professional- and garden farmers.

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For consumers it’s a treasure map of delicious organic crops and for producers it’s the perfect channel to reach customers. Read more at www.planetzero.app

The Ocean Cleanup has selected Storm Glass to provide global weather data to be used in automation systems offshore.

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Storm Glass is sponsoring The Ocean Cleanup by providing global weather forecast products. “We are proud to sponsor The Ocean Cleanup and we are thrilled our products are contributing to The Ocean Cleanups mission to clean our oceans” comments Carl Wixe, co-founder of Storm Glass.

About The Ocean Cleanup
The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization, developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. By utilizing the ocean currents to our advantage, our passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years’ time.


About Storm Glass
Storm Glass provides global high-resolution weather forecasts for a variety of applications such as ship routing, navigation, green energy production optimization, agricultural production, autonomous ships and watersports.


Människa Maskin has partnered up with digital accommodation matching service Ett tak to help solve the housing shortage in cities.

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Ett tak — Be Yourself, Together
Ett tak is a digital matching service for people who want to rent out a part of their home, and people looking for accommodation (currently focused on students). People are matched for mutual, safe and shared living where the focus is on the compatibility of the individuals.

The company was selected by Sustainordic to participate in The Nordic Report 2019, a showcase of good examples of sustainable production and consumption based on The UN’s…

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Well, the short answer is, because it has multiple weather sources.

Then, why is this so important?

We try to get as many local forecast providers as possible because they simply know best about what’s going on at their doorstep.

Ocean forecasting is very complex and just like other weather forecasts, none of the forecasting institutes are 100% accurate and certainly not for all parts of the world. In most cases a local forecasting institute is more accurate than an institute on the other side of the globe.

Talking to a lot of surfers we realised it wasn’t only us…

Storm Glass is the only API service providing you global marine weather data from multiple sources in one single API. Get access at stormglass.io !

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Coordinates In — Marine Weather Data Out
Send a longitude/latitude coordinate and receive a response containing weather data for that coordinate from multiple weather sources. The Storm Glass API provides data in hourly resolution for up to 7 days ahead.

To get more information please visit www.stormglass.io and to get a free trial or order a subscription — please contact account@stormglass.io

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The best way of exploring new product ideas is to create some kind of prototype. By spending some time on this you could quickly get a feeling about how the product will (or at least could) turn out.

A prototype could be anything from a pile of papers (that is where we usually start our investigation of new ideas) to something fully interactive that you could actually try out on the designated medium for your service.

Facebook recently released the first full version of Origami Studio — a tool that is made for the purpose of prototyping applications. On our…

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We have heaps of ideas for new projects at MM. A luxury but important problem is to know what projects or ideas to start investing time and money in, and what projects to kill. To prioritize amongst ideas and to give every idea a fair chance we use a version of Google Ventures Design sprint and the methodology of Design thinking developed at Stanford’s D School and IDEO.

Google Ventures came up with the Design Sprint concept to evaluate projects before investing in them. The idea is to get a multidisciplinary team to solve a design problem within a few…

The example below is a Customer Journey Map for the target groups “advanced surfers” and “beginner surfers” used in the very beginning when we were exploring the idea of creating a surf app. The objective is to map how the target groups behave when doing activities related to wave surfing. The questions you want to answer are: what’s working well and what is not working so well? What is motivating them and what is creating frustration? …

Människa Maskin

Digital innovation studio based in Stockholm — manniskamaskin.com

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