Människa Maskin Partners Up With Ett tak!

Människa Maskin
Oct 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Människa Maskin has partnered up with digital accommodation matching service Ett tak to help solve the housing shortage in cities.

Ett tak — Be Yourself, Together
Ett tak is a digital matching service for people who want to rent out a part of their home, and people looking for accommodation (currently focused on students). People are matched for mutual, safe and shared living where the focus is on the compatibility of the individuals.

The company was selected by Sustainordic to participate in The Nordic Report 2019, a showcase of good examples of sustainable production and consumption based on The UN’s Global Goal 12 of Agenda 2030.

Why Ett tak Is a Great Service
- Environmentally sustainable: more efficient use of existing buildings avoids the climate impact of new construction.

- The social aspect: Shared living builds bridges between generations and prevents social isolation.

- The Timing aspect: Affordable accommodation for students (and others) is needed NOW. Existing buildings used more efficiently will increase the number of accommodations today, not in a few years, which it takes to build new homes.

The Partnership
Människa Maskin has delivered a backend automation platform to support the growth of Ett tak. The new platform allows the Ett tak operators to focus on personal communication with the users and enables further growth and scalability. In addition to the automation platform, Människa Maskin has built a new website in close cooperation with existing Ett tak users to make sure it caters to the needs of both landlords and tenants.

We are delighted to have Människa Maskin onboard and impressed with the quality and the pace in which they have delivered a complete technical solution tailored to our needs. Människa Maskins technical expertise and their entrepreneurial experience has proven to be a valuable addition to our team

- Ann Edberg, Founder and CEO of Ett tak


Människa Maskin
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