A Blue Man Encounter I’ll Never Forget

I’ll always remember the London, England Blue Man Group show my grade 12 class went to in 2007. Especially the moment when they crawled through the audience at the end, where streamers and large, inflated spheres rolled over each row in abundance.

As we were in awe, one of the Blue Men singled me out and plucked my favourite hat off my head. He looked at me and I knew he would leave a signature mark. He ‘signed’ my hat with a blue thumb print and I was livid. I couldn’t believe he’d mark my hat with paint.

After the show, I realized how ridiculous my reaction was and found the Blue Man outside. In his English accent, he assured me the paint would come out in the wash. I’ve been proud to have talked to a Blue Man to this day.

Happy to see the Blue Man Group still going strong today.


Manny Goossen

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