Comfort Should Fit Like a Glove

I love waking up early in the morning everyday as the sun is still rising. Half asleep I don’t even think about. My routine is I wash my face, and walk over to my office/guest room, meditate for 10 minutes, turn on some indie acoustics and then read and write for an hour.

Mornings are my favorite, because I get to wake up as slow as the sun is rising, to do what I want without a rush to get to work. I get to do this with my pajamas on still, and boy if I could do this all the time I would.

You probably have your favorite parts of the day, favorite routines, pajamas and books to read. Like me some of you like to take walks in the park, or go to a coffee shop. But don’t you wish you could feel this comfortable within your own skin? Don’t you wish you could express yourself in all situations all day long in alignment with what you desire to do, with your purpose?

Many people long for a life of fulfillment, joy and possibilities. But instead we watch others or read about others who discover and embrace their calling. They execute and excel at their craft. These people in alignment with their calling always seem to effortlessly and graciously achieve their goals, failure does not frustrate them, in fact they inspire others, and they love doing it.

When you live a life of purpose that was designed for you, that you have a burning desire for, you will find yourself excited to wake up every morning eager to get on with your day. Not much compares to this level of satisfaction, of confidence and contentment. So follow your heart, and don’t be afraid to make your dreams a reality. Where there is love and purpose you cannot go wrong.