How Time Flies…

…When you’re not wearing a watch

“Oh my gosh! Time is moving so slow!”

Be honest, we have all said this one time or another in anticipation of a certain goal, a TV show, an outing, a date or as in my case, (and many others, I'm sure) the closing hour from work! (Yeah, I feel y'all smiling...fellow stressed-out lazy people 😏). 
Fear not! For I have found a reprieve...albeit a temporal one for some people and a hard one for others. Here it goes:

Wait, that didn't come out right.

I mean. Stop wearing a watch. Much better. Sorry for yelling

I know, I know, it's not exactly a solution because we all have places to be and we need the watch to keep us on time and early but the truth is the anxiety and anticipation of keeping track of time makes us...fidgety and Father Time, in these moments, decides to watch us in our squirming and perturbed created an amusing display for Father Time to stop and entertain himself. THAT is why he moves so slowly!

How I discovered this? Well, it happened about a week and about five days ago when my watch buckle couldn't hold anymore and it just fell off along with the pin, luckily for me, the pieces of the buckle didn't fall too far and I can fix it but I decided not to, here's why: I've been on my Industrial Training program and I go to work from 8am to 6pm (if I'm lucky I finish later, yay!) and with the whole stress of trying to impress and learn, the whole thing gets boring and tiring so I glance at my watch every ten minutes, literally, even when it's not on my wrist. Now, you have to understand, I use my watch for tracking and keeping many things in order, I even wear it to bed so I can track how long I sleep, know if I'm getting enough, too much or too little of it; I use it to know when those boring classes would end get the picture. But, it always seemed to turn out that I never had the time to do the things I liked to do becaise I was always waiting to get out of the cage, instead of seeing how I could keep myself occupied, while, I waited. Get the logic?

Now, back to the present. After I decided to stop wearing the watch, I started focusing more on stuff I could do while I waited, here are some of them: I made a whole page of sketches and have been getting more ideas since, I joined Medium and this is my second article in just one week…and one day, I started reading a book my brother recommended (normally, I’m a slow reader) and I’ve finished the book in about a week and one day! Big improvement! And, I resumed reading my DC rebirth collection after weeks that I stopped. In other words, the energy I expelled from anxious fits due to waiting for the time to pass, I redirected to boosting my creative "juices" and it has been an absolute charm.

I now use my phone to check the time and its just about once in a while when I pause from reading or writing. I stopped glancing at my empty wrist in about four days (took a lot of have no idea! ) and I feel less tired after work...still tired, but not as much as before. I'm not saying, watches aren't important, they are, (I might even get mine fixed later) but learn to be efficient with and without it, you will notice your own perception of time will get more acute and accurate, because we're humans, that's what we do, adapt to survive!

For those asking what happens when my phone battery dies, well, I still have my watch, I just take a glance at the time when I need to.

It may not work for everybody, touché, people are different but, it never hurts to try new things, no?