It is imperative to stop in the name of love in order to realize that:

What does it mean to love yourself?

What do I mean when I refer to self-care & self-love?

☆You need to embrace yourself!

  • Become aware of your strengths (virtues, talents, capabilities).
  • Know your limitations (the word “weakness” has negative connotations).

•☆•If you focus on all your limitations/weaknesses, you’ll be depressed & waste too much time trying to improve them, so the best outcome is to build upon your strengths.

YOU are the architect of your future!

How do you focus on becoming the best version of yourself?

  • Once you are aware of your strengths & limitations, forgive yourself (for things that you may feel guilty about or condemning yourself about when in reality you have no control over them. In some instances you need to hold yourself accountable for past actions/inactions, but living with regret is not conducive to a healthy mental/emotional state).
  • Forgive your parents (for any limitations they may have had that influenced you in a negative way or didn’t afford you better opportunities in life).
  • Recognize the thought patterns that may be negative and test them; analyze if they are true/real (i.e. thoughts like “I’m too ugly” yet the definition of beauty is at a continual state of change from generation to generation…”I’m not good enough for anyone” but that’s strictly subjective and varies from person to person based on what they want in a partner).

“We can not control the winds, but we can adjust the sails to propel us towards our destination.” -Unknown




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