Leslie Gallager

A soft, warm hum from the basement. I remember sitting in the room above, the living room, watch a TV show about groundhogs of all things. It was the end of a commercial brake and I felt that, that sound. A vibration that was barely audible, I couldn't tell where it was coming from so I of course ignored it. This went on for weeks, I guess at the time I figured it must be the air conditioning. It wasn’t until the day before summer, that June in 2009, that I decided to actually look for it.

The direction was hard to pinpoint, it was as if it was the house itself making the noise. I gave up, grabbed the remote and turned on a documentary about GMO foods on Netflix. Ten minutes in was the first time I really heard it. I thought I had heard it before, I had nearly fallen asleep and then it set in. The hum had become a roar, my Labrador laying on the couch with me seemed to not notice. I don’t know how, but I remember as my ears starting to ring that he was completely still. I screamed as the pain roared passed what I could bare. I couldn’t hear myself think, I had knocked over my beer bottle which shattered on the tile floor, but it made no noise. I ran to the basement, almost out of instinct. Just like that the noise was gone, I felt something dripping on my shoulder then noticed it was blood out of my left ear.

I’m sitting on the paper sheet in a hospital room, my hearing in my right ear was somewhat okay despite the ringing, however my left ear was completely shot. Explaining what happened to the doctor only made me sound insane, he was convinced I had done something and didn’t want to tell him. I was sent home with medication and questions left unanswered. I thought I might be going mad.

Almost two years passed and I eventually thought I must have had an episode, one of those weird things in life that happen and you can’t explain. Oh well. June, 2011, it happened again. Only this time it wasn’t just me, my Labrador began barking before I could hear anything. Than within almost a second, it was happening this time worse. I wasn’t going to wait around so I grabbed my dog and ran nearly a block away from my home before it stopped. Luckily no damage this time, however at this point I was legitimately scared.

I’m not religious, I wouldn’t say I’m spiritual. I have a good friend named Porter, this quirky brit I met at Luis Bar one night and for some reason we just became friends immediately. He’s basically the opposite of me and is into some weird spiritual shit, he was the perfect person to call.

To be continued.

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