Hi Karl #50

#50, as updates of week 50,

New this week in Hi Karl:

  • Pictures and descriptions are great, but for a gig, it’s better to have a taste of what the music is about. We integrated with Spotify & MixesDB to let you preview the music before a concert.
  • You know where you want to go, but you just want to check the line-up, price, etc…? Karl now supports questions like: ‘What’s up at the output tonight?’, ‘Who’s playing at the Good Room’, or the simple, yet effective ‘Flash Factory this weekend’
  • Karl is young, Karl is learning, sometimes Karl acts like he’s drunk and lingers into a bunch of nonsense. To solve this, we just added a quick restart option. You know the old: if there is an issue, just turn it off and on again.

Known issues (we are working to fix):

  • through Karl, we learnt that ‘tonight’ is extremely suggestive, and can mean till 8pm for certain people, and till 6am for others… so we are working to find a good solution to this
  • some prices look fancy (-$40)
  • when asking for a specific area, Karl sometimes suggests events happening around this zone. This is based on the popularity of the event on the platform, and among people similar to you. But this could still be better

🍻 Cheers 🍻 Karl’s team 🍻

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