Reema Mehta

Bro your calculation is totally wrong.

monthly income : one lack

Driver wages : Not less than 18,000 if he as to work in ola or uber.

Fuel : minimum run is 200 km it will give you mileage of 9 to 10 km. so you need diesel 20 liters a day which will cost you 1300 x 30 days = 33,800/- .

Maintenance : 5,000

EMI : 30,000/-

total is 90,000/- so you may get 10,000/- if every thing work in your favor. If driver does any non sense, any accidents or any other problems. you have to pay from your pocket.

In this game getting a reliable driver is big task. If you are driver come owner than you may get around 25,000/-. If you want more you have to run at least 14 hoours non stop. Then your life span is less 5 to 10 years and no family life.

So, it is not worth it. You might think how other people running. That is million dollar question. Because ones you get hooked up. You cannot leave it because you have to pay EMI every month. Finally what you decide is if your EMI get paid is Ok. You cannot sell the your vehicle immediately, because the down payment what you paid have to loose. That is how is every body running. This I am telling from my personal experience. I got my vehicle running in this company.

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