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From Last Real Indians newsblog:

— — In a letter sent to Chase Iron Eyes dated 2/3/17, Colonel John Henderson states the Army Corps of Engineers intention to began clearing the NoDAPL camps located along the Cannonball River.

Citing concern over flooding and other reasons, the Colonel states that they plan to give owners of personal property until Feb 22nd to retrieve personal belongings.

After which time, “all remaining unauthorized structures will be removed.” Further, “all remaining vehicles will be removed and impounded.”

On April 1, 2016 the Sacred Stone Camp was first erected to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. By, mid-August the Rosebud Camp and Oceti Sakowin Camp were erected to oppose the pipeline.

— — On February 14th 2017, the Santa Monica city council voted 5–0 to begin the process towards divesting from Wells Fargo.

The unanimous vote will, “direct staff to examine its investment practices and consider divesting all City funds from Wells Fargo, due to their business practices and their involvement in financing the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

In an on-line petition started by Jenna Perelman, she writes, “Santa Monica has long been a leader in sustainability. To be a true leader in this field, we must embrace sustainability in all aspects of our community, including our investments. Let us take example from Seattle and Davis: divesting from banks involved with the Dakota Access Pipeline will show a strong commitment to protecting the environment, and stand as an important statement in support of the rights of indigenous peoples.”

Santa Monica now positions itself to becoming the next city to divest from Wells Fargo due to its backing of the Dakota Access pipeline, following Seattle’s historic vote.