Tesla PowerWall- The leap of Energy

Tesla, a company which is widely known for the Electric supercars revolution around turn of the decade, are now planning to dominate the Energy sector.

Elon musk, the CEO of the company has a vision for sustainable energy for planet Earth. with his long range electric cars and the recently rolled out Tesla Model 3 for the masses, space X , undergoing Hyperloop alongside the PowerWall- an energy solution for individual homes, is spearheading the revolutionary change that is Sustainable Planet.

Elon Musk, CEO Tesla

The most impactful of all, atleast considering the sheer scalability of the model is the Tesla PowerWall. which is a high capacity Lithium-ion Battery. The PowerWall has already seen 2 iterations, the first one which has 6.4 kWh and 2kW of continuous power output, whereas the latter has 13.5 kWh and is capable of 5kWh of continuous power output. This kind of power is enough to power a normal household for a day off the grid. For more specifics and details click here.

Tesla PowerWall 1

As with all the new tech on the market, the powerWall is a costly alternative for the conventional battery solutions in the market. But considering the fact that there is no finished product that works right off after the installation and the feasibility of charging it up both with the electric grid and also with solar panels, makes it a compelling package.

PowerWall retail at $3000 apiece, which translates to around 3 lacs INR. But as always, every new technology, with time gets exponentially cheaper. With sufficient mass production units of both solar panels and the battery packs, these could well be paving the way for off grid energy consumption.

In remote areas or villages which haven’t yet seen the power lines, instead of the conventional method, we can skip that with these walls which ensures long and efficient energy solutions that will only get better with time.