Alexandrite — Perfect Gemstone for a Beautiful Ring

Manoj Bohra
Jun 1, 2018 · 4 min read

Alexandrite is a rare and beautiful gemstone. Rings embedded with this dazzling gemstone are prized for exhibiting strong pleochroism; displaying different colors when viewed from different angles. It’s like buying one ring and getting two! Check inside for more about alexandrite birthstone!

If you are a June baby, you are lucky to have not one but three birthstones to choose from - the classic pearl, the mesmerizing moonstone and the very amazing alexandrite. Everyone knows about the timeless beauty and sophistication of pearl and the mesmerizing charm of moonstone. So, what makes alexandrite special?

What is alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a popular member of the chrysoberyl family. Discovered around 1830 in the Ural Mountains of Russia, this enchanting gemstone is named after the Russian tsar, Alexander II. Alexandrite gemstone is formed when some particular rocks comes in contact with each other due to a rare natural phenomenon. That’s why, the occurrence of this sparkling gemstone is extremely scarce. This makes alexandrite expensive.

Alexandrite gemstone is prized for displaying strong pleochroism, meaning the gemstone appears blueish green in natural light and reddish-purple under other light sources. The color-change property in this gemstone is due to the presence of small amounts of chromium. In addition, this gem ranks eight on the Mohs scale of hardness. These properties of alexandrite make it highly coveted in jewelry items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and much more!

What makes an alexandrite ring special?

“Emerald by day,” and “Ruby by night,” alexandrite is one of those colorful and dazzling gems that everyone would love to have, but few are able to own it because it is expensive and rare. Alexandrite gemstone ranks alongside ruby and sapphire as one of the world’s most prized gemstones. Known in Russia as the “gem of the tsars,” this gemstone is cherished for displaying strong pleochroism. So, buying an alexandrite June birthstone ring is like getting two rings in one!

Alexandrite offers a beautiful and classic appeal when embedded in a ring. Whether small or large, the gemstone stands out by displaying an amazing play of light and color. The traces of green and purple radiating from an alexandrite stone ring complement a variety of colors that means your ring will match any dress you wear. While the gemstone looks amazing with any metal color, it offers a contemporary look when paired with white gold or sterling silver. For those who love a vintage look, pairing this enchanting gemstone with rose gold or yellow gold will do the trick.

Is there an alternative to alexandrite?

What is the meaning of alexandrite?

In ancient Russia, this gemstone is believed to bring romance in life. The dual nature of alexandrite beautifully symbolizes love over distance. Whether on military deployment, or simply at the office, alexandrite reminds us that two hearts can be one when viewed through this unique gemstone. This splendid gemstone is also said to bring a balance of joy between the real and virtual.

Alexandrite is a June birthstone

June is just one of two months with three birthstones! June’s birthstones range from creamy pearl, mysterious moonstone, to the rare alexandrite. Alexandrite is a birthstone for the month of June. This unique color changing ability and the rare occurrence of this stone defines it. The enchanting gemstone also symbolizes the milestone of the 55th wedding anniversary. Few couples are able to come this far, and what better gemstone to represent this special occasion?

So, whether you are June born or love its amazing play of color, an alexandrite birthstone ring offers a unique way to tell your story. Explore our range today!

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