What’s the difference between time and attention? A lot.
Jason Fried

A very well written article.

While it is very true about focus and being clear about the projects that are important to you.

The real secret is in how you organise yourself

The brain has finite resources (energy) and limited bandwidth. (About 120/bits second) and so it is about how you put in coping mechanisms

  1. Organise yourself so you don’t need to think about too many things. Decision fatigue and ego depletion happens if you have to make too many decisions and choices
  2. Organise your environment and behaviours – habits and routines to minimise mental effort.
  3. Avoid too many things that deplete your willpower. http://reeinvent.me/2016/01/31/does-willpower-matter/
  4. Understand when TMI really is too much information
  5. Use tools that reduce the load on your memory

Hopefully this adds to the excellent article by the author