Your Company Is Going to Be Huge
Sunil Rajaraman

I just loved your company is going to be huge.

It’s so easy to be so engrossed in your idea(baby) and how you are going to take over the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, we need the confidence that we are infallible and success is the only option.

The important thing is to have a go.

The narrative we tell ourself is so important, especially if we are going to leave the orbit of nay sayers.

After all I am sure everyone told Airbnb that no one is going to rent out their house to total strangers.

But when people are looking to make an extra buck in a recession the impossible suddenly becomes impossible.

Where there is a will there is a way and sometimes blind faith is required not only by you but your entourage. (Hunspot/disrupted).

The reality is that as you progress,the idea or vision you start with isn’t the final thing that the market buys and you will either need to pivot or accept failure.

That failure may eventually teach you more (in terms of your target market, product features, marketing and branding and not to forget timing).

Not the idea of a tablet goes back to the original Star Trek series ( here’s and example of all the ideas that now exist)and many companies tried to make it. Remember the Newton. Click here

Apple did not succeed with the Newton but what they learnt from it made the IPad one of the most amazing products.

Having said that, belief in yourself is fundamental.

If you don’t drink your own koolaid who will.

What you do need is the sense of humour and balance to take in the perspective, especially when reality looks you in the face and you need to call it a day. (Or pivot)

If an entrepreneur is going to change the world, the first thing he has to change is himself.