Why I Hire People, Not Skills
David Cancel

It’s about attitude when it comes to hiring the right person.

David Cancel’s article on why I hire people not skills is an excellent article.

a long time ago I had the good fortune to interview Rob Glazer and I asked him how he choose his team.

He explained that there were two types of roles.

  1. This is skills and experience based. So if you need a lawyer to draft a contract you need someone who has done it often and knows all the different permutations and things. (Safe pair of hands)
  2. A “new project” where something has not been done. For these you need people who are flexible, with drive, get your vision, have a whatever it takes to get it done.

You have to be able to learn new things and find new ways to make it happen. Attitude, drive, communication skills, resilience and determination as key.

Also too often in jobs the “fit” issue is often explained as you get hired for your hard technical skills but fired for your lack of soft skills.

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