Manoj Chawla
Apr 16, 2016 · 2 min read

Why the process is important ?

Life is about about doing the right thing the right way.

However.. We are limited about what we can control. Sometimes the goal is not always in our control or in hindsight may not have been the right goal always. We can do our best to scope the goal and only experience will tell us if we did the right problem statement.

Once we have determined the goal, then we need to focus on the process.

Then the only thing we can focus on is the process. If we do the right thing consistently, eventually the result will show. (It is then we will know if we got the right goal or problem statement)

Neuroscience and behaviour economics show that if we focus on the result/reward and especially if the reward is high we get anxiety and this actually causes the opposite and sub optimal performance.

The Mahabharata is all about duty, the traditional model about being professional has alway been about focusing on professional competence and doing the right thing.

Deming was all about quality by of focusing on intrinsic rather than extrinsic reward.

We can only control the process. Zen, Tao and all eastern philosophy be it meditation or otherwise is about focus on the process.

Once we are clear on the goal and focus on process, it will result in happiness, and in due course results.

Doing is about being in the moment and in the flow.

Goal focused does not mean losing focus.

The goal is the why and what, the process is about the the how, when and where.

Neuroscience shows that you need to be attentive to the how when you are doing it.

When your attention is focused on the process, be it the zen of doing the dopamine and reward systems will reinforce the satisfaction of a job well done.

Understanding the duality of the goal and the process is important whether you are a scientist doing a research project or an artist painting a picture.