Transformation of a educated woman from a Subject .

today we can see women are successful in every field and they are as talented and educated as men, if we see today’s India women are as important as men, they both are equal. But it was not like that from the starting in the early years 19th century in India before freedom the India.
At that time situations were very worse, women were treated like just a subject, child marriage was prevalent , many young girls often became widows too even before attaining puberty and after such women have to shave their heads and wear simple sari and there were separated from the society and they have to live their entire life with this rules only or they have to go for “sati pratha” . She was the first generation modern Indian feminists and fought with issues of related to caste and casteist .
today this all optical seems very normal and common and any one can raise their voice against it , but in 19th century is was not easy at all for a woman and it became more difficult for Savitribai Phule because she belonged from the lower caste. people were not ready to accept a woman who can lead others and study or teach , due to this many people criticised her and local people used to through shit over Savitribai Phule , but she didn't give up ,there are lots of things to say about this wounder full woman who gave her entire life to women empowerment and society and at the end up her life to rescue a child . But i could not cover all in a smell blog post . 
Maharashtra govt. also honour her serving and contribution in women education and empowerment ,In 2015, the University of Pune was renamed as Savitribai Phule Pune University in her honour and
On 10 March 1998 a stamp was released by India Post in honour of Phule.
But i believe our society should always remember her and teach our student about her struggle on every teacher’s day .

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