Fifteen years every single day I am suffering for religion. thinks might be better if I was not a Muslim, An Indian love story started fifteen years ago, I was in love with Jessica. She was a beautiful Christian girl. From childhood, we were in love. When we grow up everyone around us hated our relationship. Jessica and her family was a missionary in our village, and they are very few, I started to love her and due to this I started to learn bible and very often used to attend church, but my community hated me for this, thinks might be better if I was not a Muslim, She only told me that she was praying to Jesus so that one day everyone accept our love. Not a single day of her life she missed her prayer. Whenever I asked her what she actually prayed to Jesus, she always said she prayed for the acceptance of our love because it’s not good to marry a non-Christian, God(teaching) doesn’t allow for this, thinks might be better if I was not a Muslim. I converted to Christianity and become Christian. But I had to left my village. I am moving from places to places, for Things may get the claim. Whenever I wake up in the morning I wanted to know if she was alive or not.But Instead of better, things become more worst, That day thinks might be better if I may a Muslim(not converted Christian). No one let me see Jessica’s dead body. they killed her, They did not allow me to see her once. They were happy because they thought we did not get each other. But they do not know I am continually seeing her, they have no idea that Jessica is living with me since her death. I was in deep pain to remember our last night we were sitting under a bridge, I was talking to Jessica, and then I noticed Jessica was very unhappy. I asked her what had happened. She told me that she was feeling very scared because she could not pray for our love anymore. I saw the intense pain in her face, in her eyes. Next morning, I converted to Christianity, I don’t know who killed her,thinks might be better if I was not a Muslim, we suffered for religion. A religion which teachers all about Love. But there were not love at all.

Jessica taught me Love, Since then I never missed any prayer. I do not know if Jesus will accept my appeal or not. But I am praying for our love, like Jessica did her whole life. My story might be better if I was not a Muslim.

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