Life is Beautiful, Right ?

life !! beautiful word and simple too, but what do u think?? is it simple or beautiful for you? what thinks makes our life beautiful, how could you make it smile, though life seems beautiful and simple. Yes life is beautiful and simple but on the same page it’s quite complicated as well, for many people it is nice or beautiful, in their life everything going fine and well, they have all the things which they desired for, but for some, life is like a hell, they don’t want to continue it anymore. they think everything is wrong in their life and couldn’t fixed again, and they couldn’t make it anymore. why so, what is all behind this?
is it luck or what ? is God not working in their life ? are they not worthy of happiness? these are the questions which use to come many times in our life. this world and life become a burden for us, our job, family, the relationship become a duty for us, life partner, just for name sack.
ooh, this beautiful life becomes so ugly and stressful, more than 80% people leave their life like this only, then where beautiful life has gone ? where it lost?
every morning people took their stuff and move for their workplaces, and if we see each other’s faces, it seems like we are going to jail, but in the evening after office same face filled with joy and happiness, why so is our workplace jail? why we keep doing the things which we don’t like, this is the basic problem of a human. We don’t know that what we want to do, if we knew also, but we couldn’t do that, and then we keep doing the things which we don’t want to do in our life.this practice ruins us and makes our life all most meaningless because people are trying to manage which they don’t want to or they could not. When we try to manage we can just manage we can’t make it better or perfect. I think if we want to make our life better or perfect, we need to start doing what we like to do. No matter what but we have to follow our dreams and desires, that thing will surely give real peace and joy. Do what you feel like, that can be anything you were willing for. these things make changes in your life. Yes, life is beautiful and smile, it’s we who made it complicated or difficult to survive. everything depends on our decisions individually. hope down, now we may able to make our own decisions correctly and move ahead for our own will.