Woman are the most important part of our society that we say but never mean it, women consider weak and just a support ailment in our society. whenever we talk about endurance or strength, we completely neglect women, society setup “do and don’t” for women. But there are few unsung stories and exemplary women who strongly proved there are much stronger than a man.

Meet aunty 72. Who ran 500 km in just 100 days.

Now she want to cover a distance of 125 km in 25 days. Primla Hingorani. She begins her day early with an aerobics class, after class she takes energy dreak and heads out to do three to four kilometres of brisk walking or jogging. She is famous as Aunty 72, she became a inspiration for others.

The woman was India’s youngest spy, 16-year-old Saraswathy Rajamani.

She was born in Burma, in a family of freedom fighters, in 1927. she was born in Burma, in a family of freedom fighters, The deeply patriotic girl was barely 10 when she met Mahatma Gandhi, she showed her shooting skills to Gandhi and at the age of 16 Subhas Chander Bose recruited her and four of her friends as spies in INA’s intelligence wing.

They Disguised as young boys, the girls started working as errand boys at British military. But one girl caught by the British, Knowing the consequences of being caught, Rajamani decided that she would try and rescue her fellow spy.

The amazing Dr. Seema Rao, who has been training India’s Special Forces for 20 Years without Compensation!

Dr. Seema rao is the only external combat trainer appointed by the Indian government. She is enough strong and courageous than a man. even she is training the Indian forces for battle strangely. She is a boxer too, it’s quite hard to stand before her in a ring either woman or man.
She is an amazing woman, who trained numerous men.

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