Hello dear visitors of my blog post, today I am going to announce the upcoming token sales alert of DENTACOIN starting from 1st Oct 2017, which is personally very important for me, because I am the one from them, who participated in its pre-sale session before and holding some good number of Tokens, that’s already increased 7 times of my investment now.

Anyway, lets talk about DENTACOIN. There is two parts of it, one is, The first blockchain based platform specially dedicated to dental industry of the world and bring them into one network which allows to trade the dental services directly to the patients virtually. There is no more middlemen requires to transfer the dental services across the Globe. Now the patient’s reviews can shape the quality of future dental services and growth.
Blockchain has allowed multiple tools to manage all this activities, like Patient’s review platform allows them to raise their voice for any short of discomfort in treatments, providing dental insurance, aftercare mobile app facility, a secured and updated patient’s database, can help to improve the quality of dental industry and healthcare.

And the second part is DENTACOIN’S TOKEN (DCN). The said platform is backed by DCN tokens which is run on Ethereum (ERC20) network as a smart contract. Here is the most interesting part begins. What ever the services is going to render through the platform, everything will be tradable with DENTACOIN TOKENS, the services, the equipments, the medicines etc. All can be exchanged through it. Denta Vox and trusted review platform, is a platform where you can participate to earn free tokens as well, which can even trade on different exchanges that is already listed on five different exchanges. So the list is endless. For better understanding I recommend to follow the white paper of the project.

Token sale starts from 1st Oct 2017
Price 1ETH = 2,500,000, AND 1BTC = 33,000,000
Total supply of tokens 8 Trillion
303 billion is in circulation &
7.69 trillion have been locked amount for future plannings.

How to buy DCN Token ?
There is an option to buy the DCN token by BTC, ETH and INR. I Recommend to use ETH and myetherwallet through which I was purchased. If you do not have this wallet you can make one from here
After that you can manage the Ethereum balance into your account and be ready to 1st Oct for DCN purchase according to your budget. If you do not have ETH you can buy from
Please do not send ETH from any exchange wallet. Use only ERC20 enebled wallet.
Smart contract address is:

Before making any transaction you should use "ADD CUSTOM TOKEN" into your myetherwallet after login into the account using private key. There is two keys is available to use myetherwallet. One is public key through which you can receive any tokens from senders, and the other is private key which is for your login purpose. Please remember never share your private key to any one and keep it very safe for your future access of your account. You will get both at the time of account creation. Losing it means you’re losing all the digital assets lying into the wallet.
OK, now login into your account and ‘add custom token’ using following details:

Add wallet address:
Token Symbol: DCN
Token Decimal: 0

After adding just go to send option and copy paste the below sending wallet address:
And set the Gas limit 200,000
Put the amount as you want to purchase.
Minimum investment is 0.01 ETH.

After checking all the details hit the send button and getting the required confirmation, you will have your tokens in your myetherwallet. Done it! 
Still having problem, there is so many information materials is available on the site. Keep following.

So, now this is time for change. Every thing gets smarter and smarter. And to uptate yourself according to the time is very important. You should be smart and catch the opportunity when it comes your way, it never repeats itself. The blockchain technology is a revolutionary breakthrough, it is still in its infancy, let it grow. This is just like a wave of wealth coming in your way through cryptocurrencies ICO and PRE-SALE offerings. Chose the right one. DENTACOIN is one of my picks that I consider a better choice for bet on it. But still you should have check personally before making any investment. All the best.

Good Luck.
With Regards,
Manoj Kumar Ram;u=516811

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