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Core java is most widely used programming language for developing Softwares and Web application. You can find Java applications in the embedded system, washing machines, cars, routers and even android which is widely used in smartphones and tablets. I will say “No Aava If No Java” means if you are a programmer and if you don’t know nothing Java then you don’t know anything about Java Programming. If you learn java you need to know about best books to follow and you can buy java books online at any renowned bookstore. I have shared best java book list in one of my article which you can find here — Explore Best Java Programming Books List 2017. As a programmer, I know how much it is difficult to find Java books to learn Java?. So, I decided to write an article on Core Java books list to help you guys so, that you will not face in getting right Java book for you. So, here is the list please read carefully and if you have any question please comment below.

Here is the book’s list and I will pick one by one explain about all books which will help you to choose right core java book for you.

Core Java for Beginners by Rashmi Kanta Das

This Core Java for Beginners has been written by Rashmi Kanta Das, keeping in mind the need of especially B.Tech, BCA, and MCA students. The book demonstrates the core concepts of Java, along with the basic knowledge required for developing Java programs. Starting from the basic concepts of object-oriented programming languages, the book covers an entire range of topics, including advanced topics like RMI, JDBC, and so on. The text is replete with several examples to facilitate the better understanding of the intricacies of the programming language.Starting from the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming languages, the book covers a complete range of topics, together with advanced topics like RMI, JDBC, and so on. The text is replete with many examples to facilitate higher understanding of the intricacies of the programing language.

Core Java 2: Rapidex Condensed User Guide by Benjamin Aumaille

This Core Java book is for all programmers, whether or not you’re a novice or experienced professional. The beginners can realise its rigorously paced discussion and lots of examples particularly helpful. Its in-depth coverage of Java’s more advanced options and libraries can appeal to the Java professional. For both, It offers an enduring resource and handy core java reference books.

Core Java, Volume I: Fundamentals, 9th edition by Gary Cornell, Cay S. Horstmann

Fully updated to replicate Java SE 7 language changes, Core Java™, Volume I — Fundamentals, Ninth Edition, is that the definitive guide to the Java platform.

Designed for serious programmers, this reliable, unbiased, direct tutorial illuminates key Java language and library features with totally tested code examples. As in previous editions, all code is simple to know, reflects trendy best practices, and is specifically designed to assist jumpstart your projects.Volume I quickly brings you up-to-speed on Java SE 7 core language enhancements, together with the diamond operator, improved resource handling, and catching of multiple exceptions. All of the code examples are updated to mirror these enhancements, and complete descriptions of latest SE 7 features are integrated with perceptive explanations of basic Java concepts. You’ll learn all you wish to be productive with The Java programming surroundings.

For elaborate coverage of advanced features, together with the new API for file input/output and enhancements to the concurrency utilities, hunt for Core Java™, Volume II — Advanced options, Ninth Edition

Core Java, Volume II: Advanced Features, 9th edition by Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell

Volume II quickly brings you up-to-speed on key Java SE 7 enhancements, starting from the new file I/O API to improved concurrency utilities. All code examples are updated to replicate these enhancements. Complete descriptions of recent language and platform features are highlighted and integrated with perceptive explanations of advanced Java programming techniques. You’ll learn all you would like to make strong production package with

Streams, files, and regular expressions.

Core Java: An Integrated Approach by R. Nageswara Rao

This book is written in such a way that learners without any programming background should be able to follow it and understand it entirely.This meant that the book demonstrated the Concepts of Java in a simple and straightforward language with a clear-cut explanation. After reading this book, the students will have the confidence to apply for a software development company, face the interview board and come out successful. You can find this books as “best core java books for beginners“. This among best book in the list of core java books.

This is all for now, But I will try to update more books in this core Java books lists that you can make you java learning easy.

Originally published at on April 13, 2017.