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Charlie Hunt— Charlie holds a Master of science in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Iowa State University.Charlie hunt is the JVM Performance Lead Engineer at Oracle. He is responsible for improving the performance of HotSpot Java Virtual Machine and Java SE class libraries. He wrote his first Java program in 1998 and joined Sun Microsystems, Inc., 1999 as a senior Java Architect.

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Charlie hunt Java performance is among best Pearson Java Books. This book offers Java Performance tuning advice for both Java SE and Java EE applications. More specifically, it offers advice to each of the following areas: performance monitoring, Profiling, Tuning the Java Hotspot VM (referred to as HotSpot VM hereafter), Writing effective benchmark, and Java EE application performance tuning. This book can be read cover to cover to gain an in-depth understanding of many Java Performance topic. It can also be used as Task reference where you can pick up the text, go to a specific chapter on a given topic of interest, and find answers.

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Subtitle No Book Author Charlie Hunt & Binu John Number of pages No Edition 1st ed. Binding Softcover Language English ISBN -13 9788131774267 ISBN -10 No Publisher Pearson Education Publishing year No

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